All you Need to Know Veerappan’s Home – Forest he Lived in!

Know About Veerappan Forest

Koose Muniswamy Veerappan is an Indian Bandit who turned into a domestic terrorist for over 36 years. He has kidnapped major politicians and had illegal Sandalwood smuggling and poaching of elephants in the Forest of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Know Veerappan's Home - Forest he Lived in
Know Veerappan’s Home – Forest he Lived in

He had killed approximately 184 people till now out of which half of them were police officers and forest officials. He had killed more than two thousand elephants for poaching and had smuggled Ivory which was worth 16 crore rupees and 65000 kg of Sandalwood worth 143 crores approximately.

Veerappan Details

Veerappan was born into a Tamil Vanniyar family in the Coimbatore district in 1952. He got married to Muthulakshmi in the year 1990 and he had two daughters named Vidyarani born in 1990 and Prabha born in 1993.

Veerappan Criminal career

Veerappan began his criminal career by assisting his uncle Saalvai Gounder who was the notorious poacher and sandalwood smuggler. Not only the police officers and the offenders, but Veerappan also killed civilians he suspected of being police informers.

Operation cocoon

Operation Cocoon was launched by the Special Task Force of Tamil Nadu Police to catch the forest criminal Veerappan and his Associates. They were present in the Sathyamangalam forest in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu Karnataka and Kerala.

Operation Cocoon was held by K Vijay Kumar and N.K.Senthamarai Kannan Yadava. Veerappan was killed on the final day of the Cocoon operation on 18th October 2004. 3 office Associates were also killed and the four policemen were injured during the operation.

Sathyamangalam forest

Sathyamangalam forest is a wildlife sanctuary and a tiger reserve forest. This forest has a tranquilized atmosphere with rich biodiversity. As you can pass by the lanes in the forest you can sense the odor of Sandalwood that Veerappan once smuggled.

This forest is home to many plants, shrubs, and specific kinds of trees, especially rich Sandalwood trees. A dam is built deep into the forest and the water flows through it to provide irrigation to agriculture.

This forest is also home to local tribal people surrounded by villages who make a living through farming. The forest is highly protected to save the rich biodiversity of animals, especially the tigers and elephants. Drones are used to monitor the tigers and electric wires are used to protect the elephants from any person harming them.

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