Know the Health Benefits of Jaggery Tea

Jaggery Tea

Jaggery Tea also known as Gud ki chai is a traditional Indian drink that includes jaggery as a sweetener instead of sugar. Well, I must say intake of jaggary instead of white sugar is good.

Well, winter is upon us and It is the time of the year when we love spending days in our blankets, enjoying hot chocolates or garam chai. It is kept warm and nourished within your body. Another such winter-friendly food is jaggery (or gud). Well, jaggery is considered one of the topmost foods to keep you warm in the winter chills. It helps generate body heat and protect us from the cold weather outside. It has several benefits, let’s read out the benefits.

  1. Boost Immunity- well, having a cup of Jaggery tea helps you to boost your immunity. The masala and Jaggery are loaded with full of iron, minerals, and several; essential nutrients that can help boost immunity. If you have Strong immunity then it may prevent illness, germs, and many other invaders from messing up with your internal health structure. A good immunity prevents toxic substances from entering in the body.

  2. Prevent Cold and Fever– yeah, Jaggery helps you to fight the cold and flu. As jaggery keeps the body warm enough and protects us from the cold weather. Clove, cinnamon, and ginger are used in making the tea which is full of antioxidants and anti-viral properties, also jaggery in it which will help prevent seasonal fever or viral cold, cough, and fever. Common colds, flu, nasal congestion, infections, sore throat, allergies, etc may down your productivity and stress you out. In this case, Jaggery tea is quite considered to be consumed to provide a temporary amazing effect during the winter seasons. People experiencing common colds and coughs may also give this a try to speed up the healing process. Even though jaggery is extremely helpful in keeping the body warm, drinking jaggery tea gives the best results when consumed in enough amounts.
  • Weight loss– our body spends the very least amount of energy during the winter. This is why burning calories gets tough for all, well a cup of tea with jaggery is all you have in this case. If you drink or eat jaggery in enough amounts, it supports metabolism for further promoting weight loss.

Weight management is not a process that goes on for a day or two. If you want to cut sugar and are looking for a healthy option in sweetener, you may find jaggery tea with all the essential ingredients.

  • Boosts Digestion– well, jaggery tea is capable of doing magic, it is good for digestion. The essential nutrients is chai masala and Jaggery should be added to help digest the food faster. It will be good for you. Many individuals prefer to eat a piece of jaggery along with a glass of warm water after a meal to help digest food faster. You may have seen old people do this after every dinner. You may add jaggery tea premix to your collection and choose to drink it after a heavy meal, also it may help you relieve bloating and speed up the process of digestion.

  • It purifies blood– a cup of jaggery tea helps dilate blood vessels and further helps us glow from within.

  • Helps The Body Stay Warm In Winters– Jaggery, which happens to be the main component of Jaggery tea contains essential vitamins and minerals, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. This is what makes drinking jaggery tea during winter very important. Jaggery helps keep the body warm by producing heat. Natural jaggery used in the making of jaggery tea premix may also prove to be beneficial for the overall well-being of an individual.

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