Know Complete Details About Ramagiri Fort and Hills Peddapalli

Ramagiri Fort and Hills

The Ramagiri Fort, also known as Ramagiri Khilla is located over a mountaintop in the Peddapalli district of the Indian state of Telangana.In Ramagiri Khilla, one can witness the Hanuman statue and which was constructed by Gaddam Bapu from the Mancherial district.

Every year, the family members visit the temple and offer their prayers to Lord Hanuman. Recently, the family also established the lord Nagula statue near Putta on top of the mountain.

Location of the Ramagiri Fort

Ramagiri Fort is located on the Ramagiri hills near the Begumpet village in Ramagiri Mandal in the Peddapalli district. The fort is situated in the midst of the jungles and is covered with a wealth of plant species, including many medicinal herbs.

Ramagiri Fort is 22 kilometers away from Peddapalli, the district headquarters. The Peddapalli – Manthani highway passes close to the fort and it is 2 kilometers away from the Begumpet village.


Ramagiri fort was built in the 12th century by the Kakatiyas of Warangal. Later, the fort was occupied by the Qutub Sahi Sultanate from 1518 to 1687. In the year 1656,  the Golconda ruler, Abdullah Qutb Shah, gave the fort to his son-in-law, who is one of Aurangzeb’s sons.

In the year 1791, the fort came under the control of the British Raj. Historians say that Kalidasa, one of the greatest Sanskrit poets was motivated to compose his Meghadūta, a lyrical poem, by the Ramagiri Fort. But, Kalidasa is thought to have lived in the fifth century CE, well before the fort’s construction. In the past century, the Hanuman statue on the mountain was constructed by Gaddam Bapu from the Mancherial district.


The Ramagiri fort was built with stone and has many bastions and occupies a large area of a few square kilometers. The bastions are in octagonal shape. The fort was fitted with four forge-welded cannons on the masonry battlements built to a height of 12 meters as part of the fort walls.

The mud plaster had covered some of the structures of the fort in thick layers and some structures in thin layers. The fort structures were a combination of mud, lime, reeds, the hair of animals, or even the blood of animals.

Herbal plants

The plants found in the jungle in the vicinity of the Ramagiri Fort are of high medicinal value. Many people related to Medicinal trades collect the plants and offer them for sale in nearby towns. Even, students visit the jungle to identify these plants and make herbarium specimens. With enormous importance for medicinal plants, it has been suggested that the forest of the fort area be declared a Medicinal Plants Conservation Center.

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