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Kiran Verma (Man Behind Simply Blood App) Wiki Biography


Kiran Verma, a graduate student from Ambala district, Haryana. In 2016, he and some of his friend’s software engineers made an app called Simply Blood App that is mainly Founded by Kiran Verma. They launched the Simply Blood app on January 29, 2017, in Delhi. Simply Blood was made to solve the blood donation problem and restrain the black marketing of blood in India.

He shared his story, the first time he heard about blood donation was at the age of 5 when his mother was battling cancer. He saw his father struggle to arrange the blood. And at the age of 7, he lost his mother after battling cancer. A few years later, he became a donner for the first time at the age of 18 when he donated blood to his teacher, that thing changed him forever and he took a pledge to donate blood to save many lives. He started donating blood and became a full-time blood donor.

Kiran Verma

Simply Blood APP-

That incident made him lead a change forever to donate blood wherever and whenever he can. Then he got introduced to the volunteer groups on social media platforms with the donors and the recipients. Kiran Verma then founded Simply Blood with a vision that nobody should die waiting for blood. The app is a platform to connect donors to recipients.   According to the survey he did, 15 million units of blood are required in India each year, but only 10 million units are available.

Even at the time of Covid, thousands of calls her is getting per day for plasma donors, the people who have recovered from Covid were eligible to donate plasma blood. But they were not ready to donate blood because of the wrong imaginations and perceptions about blood donations.


After that he decide to go out and take a step toward change, he decided to walk across the country to spread the message, nobody should die waiting for blood after 2025, which motivates him to go on a 21000km journey walk across India that he started on 28 December 2021 on his birthday and it will end up to 2025. Till now he has completed a 4100km walking journey through different states.

One day Kiran got the requirement from the Government hospital and he donated blood which was free. When Kiran met the Patient’s family, he got to know about the blood which he gave them for free was sold them for Rs. 1500 through an agent. After that, Kiran decided to quit his job and focus entirely on blood donation. His household expenses are taken care of by her wife who got his back in monthly expenses.

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Simply Blood has more than 2,00,000 blood donors registered and more than 18000 registrations from the world.

How does it work?

The donor needs to register on the app first and select a date to donate the blood. Then the app will find the location of the donor on the chosen date and connect them with the needy person on that chosen date. So, that the donor can directly give the blood to the needy person.

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