Kinnerasani Project, Telangana – Things to Know Before Visiting

Kinnerasani Dam is located in the Bhadradri Kothagudem district of the state of Telangana. This dam is surrounded by dense forests and hills. The Kinnerasani River offers a beautiful viewpoint to visit and is an important tributary of the river Godavari. 

Kinnerasani Project, Telangana
Kinnerasani Project, Telangana

This place has an immense scenic natural beauty that is created through the landscape along with the Kinnerasani River. The river streams through the Dandakaranya forest and reservoir form a 635 square kilometers area full of wildlife called the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The Kinnerasani Dam is located at a distance of 24 kilometers from Kothagudem and 12 kilometers from Palvancha, a site of the Kothagudem Thermal Power station. However, the Dam project is a storage reservoir that has been built on the river in the Godavari basin at Yanamnoil village. 

Kinnerasani Project Telangana Back water
Kinnerasani Project Telangana Back water

The project costs around Rs. 558.00 lakhs in 1966 and was inaugurated by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This project provides irrigation facilities and water to KTPS at Palvoncha for thermal power generation. Even the storage capacity of the dam is 233 Cu.M at the full reservoir level of 407 feet. 

Moreover, the forest department developed a deer park near it and has a wildlife sanctuary for those who love animals and enjoy their visit by spotting animals in their natural habitat including animals like tigers, Chinkara, Wild Boars, Sambar, Gaurs, Hyena, Chousinghas, Jackals, Sloth Bear, Tigers Panthers, and Black Bucks. Peafowl, Teals, Partridges, Nuktas, Quails, Spoonbills Jungle Fowl, and Doves are the common birds spotted in this sanctuary created by the dam. 

Many tourists come and visit the dam and sanctuary every day. It is 288km from Hyderabad by road and 95km from Khammam, and 165km from Vijayawada. Telangana government also launched a boating facility over here and a boating facility in the reservoir is a wonderful experience. The government has spent Rs 16 crore on this eco-tourism project. However, the works on the renovation of not using cottages and a canteen are in progress, which is part of the sprawling Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary.

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The TSTDC’s boating unit gained revenue of Rs 26.76 lakh by operating two boats in the reservoir ever since the boating facility was launched here. Boating was launched in Kinnerasani reservoir in June last year for the tourists to explore the scenic beauty of the site surrounded by the hills and nestled in the lap of nature.

The visiting timings are 9 am to 6 pm, and the boating timings are-

Boating: 9. 30 AM – 1.30 PM & 2.30 PM – 5.30 PM

Entry Fee: Rs. 20 for adults, 

Rs. 10 for Children, 

Rs. 50 for Car, Rs. 100 for Foreigners & Rs. 50 for Camera

Also, the Boating Cost is Rs 50 for Deluxe Boat, Rs. 300 for Speed Boat with 1-4 members, Rs. 400 for Speed Boat with 5-6 members

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