Khammam Stambhadri Gutta Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Complete Details!

This is the temple of Sri Narsimha Swamy and is located in Guha Gudi town. This temple is believed to exist from the tretha Yuga. According to the legends, it is said that the Narsimha Swamy or the Narsimhadri temple is situated on the top of the hill called Stambhadri and it is said to exist for 1.6 million years. The town is situated on the banks of the river Munneru. 

As per history, at the time of Tretha Yug, Mothgalya Maharishi with his disciplines was doing his atonement here in the cave and he was blessed by Lord Vishnu. Mothgalya Maharishi requested Lord Vishnu to remain at his pace with the goddess Lakshmi. But the lord came out of the pillar as Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. And since then, the place is called the Sthambadri. 

Meanwhile, the temple is located on a vertical rock which is called Khamba in Hindi and Pillar in English. The temple is on the pillar and came into existence known as Stambha Sikari, and then later changed to Stambhadri temple. Also, as of now, present of time the place is called Khammam which was made from the word Khammam Mettu. 

The holy book, Sthala Purana says in the 16th century, the king Pratapa Rudra, who was ruling the place before, was blessed by the lord here and the king built the temple, and the pooja was done according to the Vaikasana Agama Sthara. 

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