Karimnagar silver filigree

Karimnagar is a town previously part of princely Hyderabad State that is mainly famous for silver filigree. In simple terms, the filigree mans Vendi teega Pani silver wirework. The pure silver is melted and moulded into different types of shapes. For a few centuries, the craftsmen of Karimnagar produced enough complex frameworks made by twisting silver wire, which is commonly called Jaali. 

Karimnagar silver filigree
Karimnagar silver filigree

It is said that the silver filigree craft was adopted from Elgandal town near Karimnagar before this moved to Karimnagar town nearly 200 years ago. According to the research and inquiry in Karimnagar town, this crafting come into the spotlight and was introduced by a travel expert goldsmith, Kadarla Ramayya, the resident of Elgandal now called Yalagandala who learned and observed this new technique of filigree jewel technique and style.

The silver filigree of Karimnagar is a unique art form, which requires expertise in craftsmanship. The silver is designed to create a different range of products with complex patterns like earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, pendants, bracelets, and other traditional jewels. Also including the idols and lord Ganesha, lord Venkateshwara was also made for worship.  

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Even the pooja items and decorative art pieces are created that are inspired by flora and fauna, Birds, peacock, chariots, and even ladies’ bags utility ware like plates, trays, attardaans, ugaldaans, ittardaans, changerdaans (oodhdan), spoons, photo frames, boxes and cases in different shapes and sizes. Storage items are made with multipurpose compartments for keeping different items like spices, betel nuts, and betel leaf (pandan). Containers, lamp stands, flower baskets, rose water sprinklers and other fancy items are included in the distinct products.

You know the silversmiths are very skilled and have experience in making many products through Silver Filigree such as Spoons, ashtrays, buttons boxes, ashtrays, jewelry, buttons pill boxes, paandans, and also perfume containers. They create some special designs including Peacocks, parrots, and fish which are represented in the perfume containers.

The filigree work is made using twisted silver wire. The silversmiths press or compress the thin strips of fine silver and create loops that are filled with designs that are formed by thicker and more attractive silver strips. These strips and fine silver are further soldered very neatly.

However, this is an ancient metalwork that is commonly practiced traditionally. And, these artifacts are made of an alloy that contains more than 90% Silver. The silver used in the art is extracted through a series of smaller holes for producing fine strings of silver threads. The string is the special element in filigree jewelry while being made. And the traditional items made with this are mainly the structure of animals, birds as well as flowers.

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