Jodeghat Valley / Museum – Complete Details

Jodeghat is a very small village in Kerameri Mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district of Telangana state. It is named after legendary Gond leader Komaram Bheem who achieved martyrdom on 19th October 1940.

Jodeghat Valley Museum
Jodeghat Valley Museum

It is the place where the Adivasi legendary Komaram Bheem died fighting with Nizam forces for the sovereignty of 12 villages and land, forest, and water in Kerameri Mandal in 1940, before the independence. Even the Jal, jangal, and jameen arch is been built for the Adivasis. 

These sad memories of those times still haunt the present times, as it was 80 years ago, on 1st September 1940 when 12 Adivasis rebels led by the legendary Komaram Bheem died while fighting to reclaim their rights on Jal, Jangal, and Jameen.

Now, the state government of Telangana has developed this area as a tourist spot and historical place by making a tribal museum, amphitheater, multimedia hall, and Komaram Bheem memorial to attract tourists. 

However, the museum was launched a few years back on October 16, 2016, by former Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekhar Rao, in an honor of tribal chiefs who bravely fought for Jal, Jungle, and Jameen. 

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History says that Komaram Bheem was the leader of the tribal community who rose against police brutality to protect Adivasi rights and forest areas. Bheem has picked the Jodeghat for fighting the police forces and the nizams. 

Then on 10 September 1940, Bheem held the last meet at Avval Pen of Jodeghat, and Nizam’s forces assaulted him and he got murdered by them in the fight. Most of the Adivasis of the Jodeghat were clueless about what was coming up in their village and some of them say that their leader Komaram Bheem’s statue was coming up.

However, the Adivasi leaders have started expressing fear of the penetration of non-tribals into the interior Jodeghat area and will ruin the natural resources in the forest just after the project was developed as a tourist place.

Even though the Adivasis also expressed fear of non-tribals and outsiders’ people will also threaten their women in the guise of creating employment under tourism development like in the Araku Valley which was an ere in Andhra Pradesh.    

More about the valley is, Jodeghat is surrounded by Jiwati Mandal towards the North, Jainoor Mandal towards the west, Sirpur (U) Mandal towards the west, and Asifabad Mandal towards the East. 

Here is a temple, the cave temple which is around 3km from the newly developed park. Even the boating facility is also there near Ada village. You can find different types of activities related to tribal lifestyles. Well in winter times, Adivasis indulge in some religious activities and you can also take part in those activities. Moreover, a breathtaking view of the valley should not be missed if you are there, the must sightseeing view.

A few years ago, there were no facilities to stay in Jodeghat valley but for a year now there are some tourist facilities available for staying including hotels and cottages. 

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