Jagdevpur Varadaraju Swamy Temple, Siddipet

Jagdevpur Varadaraju Swamy Temple

Jagdevpur Varadaraju Swamy Temple is located in Vardarajpur, Jagdevpur Mandal, Siddipet District, Telangana, India. The village is designated in the name of the god Varadaraja Swamy. The hanuman temple is also located on the village premises.

Every year in the month of May, a famous festive ”Jatara” in the name of the god Varadaraja swamy will be conducted in the village. The celebration of Jatara is carried in a grand manner on the day of the Vyshaka Pouranami”.

History and significance of the temple

Historians say that the temple was built in 1356 AD. The forefathers of the present chairman family developed this historic place. Once upon a time, family members were carrying Varadarajan swamy idol from Vishnu kanchi(Kanchipuram, T.N) to their native raygadh. They stopped at one place to rest for the night. In their dreams, lord vardaraja swamy told them to build a temple there only.

But he thought this place is not suitable to build a temple. As Vardaraja swamy is their home idol, he wanted to place it in their own place(raygadh). The next morning their journey started. But the axle of their cart was broken and it took a whole day to repair. Once again lord appeared in dreams. The person informed all villagers and his followers. All of them refused to build the temple and suggested him build it in their hometown. They started the journey again the same scene was repeated. Hence he decided to build a temple here where God wanted to.

He went nawab of Medak to ask for permission to build the temple and asked for land for it. The Nawab gave permission and successfully arranged nearly 1400 acres. The temple construction was carried out for 10 years for every vyshaka pournami yatra conducted similar to Vishnu kanchi(garuda seva) in kanchi (T.N ). For the past 6 centuries, their heirs have been looking after the temple’s needs. Recently endowments debt took the temple and left it to God itself due to a lack of revenue

The present temple is left with only 70 acres as the remaining land has been occupied by landlords. God Vardarajswamy will be going through the village by Ratham to the hanuman temple located on the premises of the village every year during Jatara.

Temple Timings: The temple is open every day from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm

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