Jabardasth Punch Prasad is in critical condition

The famous comedian Panch Prasad, used to make the audience laugh a lot with these comedies on the television screen. According to the reports, it is said that the comedian is suffering from a serious illness or serious health issue for a few days, reportedly, he has been suffering from kidney failure problems for many days. 

Jabardasth Punch Prasad is in critical condition
Jabardasth Punch Prasad is in critical condition

The reports further said that no Panch Prasad has reached that state where he could not walk at all. Another jabardasth comedian Nukaraju post a vlog about his health condition and post it on Panch Prasad’s YouTube channel by saying that he could not even walk due to pus coming from his back to his legs, the condition is really serious.

On the other hand, Nukaraju also posted another video in which he shared about his recovering health condition. He revealed that now Panch prasad can walk slowly with the help of people or a stick. Panch is being treated for the last four days and they have appointed a special nurse to treat him for 24 hours. He is also been given antibiotics by silence to take the same treatment for the next four days. 

Recently, Panch Prasad also went to the hospital for a scan. Prasad’s wife revealed that One day after completing the shooting, he suffered from a fever and after that, he gets back pain. Then his wife took the doctor’s advice and gave him a painkiller. 

Then they both went to the hospital for dialysis next day. The fever and back pain continued so they took him to the hospital again. After all the tests doctors have done but they did not recognize the cause of the pain in the back. In the end, they go for MRI Scan and it revealed that there is pus from the back to the toes.

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