Irfan Views Youtube Channel with 3 million subscribers terminated

Hyderabad: YouTubers are turning into self-made celebrities these days. They produce material that is both entertaining and educational. If their content is good, they will quickly gain a significant following. Vlogging was an appealing choice for today’s youth in the midst of the pandemic. Since the outbreak, the number of YouTubers has risen as well.

Tamil Nadu is home to a slew of well-known YouTube personalities. Irfan is one of these YouTubers. YouTube channel Irfan’s View is immensely popular in Tamil Nadu. His videos are mostly about food, although they often cover other topics.

Irfan was enjoying more than 3 million subscribers for his channel and is very much popular for the food videos he upload in his channel. With his quirky look and casual interaction with his followers, Irfan enjoyed a separate fan following among the YouTube users.

Being a lifestyle vlogger, Irfan was mainly concentrating on uploading food reviews in his channel. He has been visiting some of the famous and unknown hotels to make reviews about it for his audience to make things easier for them in choosing which hotel to visit. He has visited abroad countries and experimented with different kind of hotels as well.

Most recently, through his YouTube channel, Irfan announced that he has stopped his marriage due to the different of opinions he had with the girl he got engaged to. However, Irfan was actively uploading videos in his channel off late.

Now, it has been reported that the channel of the youngster has been terminated by the YouTube management. YouTube displays “The video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed” while clicking any video of Irfan’s channel. “The account has been terminated for violating Youtube’s community guidelines” says message of YouTube shared by Irfan in his Instagram handle.

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