India’s Passport Rank dropped in the list of World’s Most Powerful Passports!

You know, which country has the most powerful passports? If we talk about the data, the latest Henley Passport Index, the countries like Japan, Singapore, and South Korea have the most powerful passports. They have over 190 visa-free or visa-on-arrival destinations.

India’s Ranks dropped in the list of World’s Most Powerful Passports!
India’s Ranks dropped in the list of World’s Most Powerful Passports!

The Japanese passport provides free entry to 193 countries, one more than from Singapore and South Korea. Singapore and South Korea country stand at the second spot on the latest ranking, with passport holders able to access 192 destinations visa-free, whereas Germany and Spain stand at third place with a list of 190. The US and the UK passports regained their previous strength and still stand at 6th and 7th positions.

While Indian Passport power has also increased after the Post covid. Indian passport holders now have roughly the same travel freedom as they did pre-pandemic earlier as per the Index. If we talk about the rankings then, India stands at the position of 87th globally by providing visa-free access to 60 countries, including Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Macau.
Russian passports, the Russians are ranked 50th positing with providing visa-free destinations to 119 countries. While China is placed 69th with access to provide 80 countries, Afghanistan’s passport provides visa-free destinations to only 27 countries.

According to the data 2017, Asian countries barely featured among the world’s 10 most-accepted passports. The UK is 6th in providing to 187 countries, while the US is 7th with a score of 186 as per the latest ranking shows.

The index uses the 17 years of data and helps wealthy individuals and governments evaluate the value of citizenships around the world based on which passports offer the most abundant visa-free, or visa-on-arrival access. Still, the global travel is yet to fully recover from Covid restrictions, the index offers only a notional snapshot of the best documents to hold as the world emerges from the pandemic. The index and its contents are based on data provided by the IATA, International Air Transport Authority. And the index has 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations.

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