Indian Govt shocks Tesla Again

Electric vehicle and clean energy company based out of superpower nation America is not leaving any stone unturned to foray into the Indian market. However, the company did not taste any success in the issue as the car manufacturer and the Indian government are having different stands.

The Tesla company had suffered a major shock for one more time as the Indian government had made its stand strong that it cannot be given extra benefits than other companies and if Tesla wants to enter the Indian market, the company wants to follow the rules.

Media reports say that Tesla was reportedly told by the government that the taxes on imported cars cannot be reduced and if the company wants the reduction in the taxes, then it should focus on local manufacturing and assembling of the cars.

Tesla is focusing on the Indian market and the company CEO Elon Musk has been appealing to the government to consider his request to bring down the import duties. No matter how hard he is trying, the government is adamant on the stand on the import duties.

Tesla had spread its wings in various countries and during the Covid time, Tesla reported super fortunes and vehicles in large numbers were sold. When other companies saw themselves in the middle of deep losses, Tesla added fortunes to its name.

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