India successfully tests Agni 4 Ballistic Missile

India successfully tests Agni 4 Ballistic Missile

Technology: India has successfully conducted the test of a nuclear-capable Agni 4 ballistic missile, with a strike range of 4000km, as part of a night user trial in operational configuration by strategic force command (SFC) was successfully tested at APJ Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.

India successfully tests Agni 4 Ballistic Missile
India successfully tests Agni 4 Ballistic Missile

SFC is responsible for the management and administration of the country’s tactical and strategist nuclear weapons stockpile, the part of the Nuclear Command Authority.

Agni 4 was carried out at 07:30 PM on June 6th, it has marked a significant boost to the military capabilities. As the government said the launch validated all operational parameters as also the reliability of the system.  

In 2021, India successfully tested the Agni Prime missile with the capability of hitting the target of 1000-2000km.

 It is said that the Agni 4 missile is largely seen as a part of India’s deterrence capability. The test launch of the missile came amid India’s lingering border row with China in Ladakh, which has entered its third year now without showing any sign

The other two previous launches of the long-range surface to ballistic surface missile happened in 2017 and 2018 proving the reliability and efficacy of the weapon system. Over the last ten years, there have been eight such tests.

Last month, India has successfully tested an extended ranger version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from a Sukhoi fighter Jet.

The tri-service SFC already has the Prithvi 2 (350km), Agni 1 ( 700km), Agni 2 (2000km), Agni 3 (3000km), and Agni 4 and 5 missiles unit, the Agni 5 with strike range (5000km) is currently in an advanced stage.

The road Mobile Agni 4 and Agni 5 are meant for deterrence against China, which could target any Indian state/city with its long-range missiles, the long-range missile Agni 5 is designed for china and the shorter-range missiles are designed for Pakistan.

As the sources say, the DRDO is also working on manufacturing the intelligent re-entry vehicle to defeat enemy ballistic missile defense systems as well as multiple disciplinary targetable re-entry vehicles for the Agni Missiles.  

In another part of the nuclear triad, India has three more solitary nuclear ballistic missile submarines under development. The K-4 missiles with a strike range of 3500km will at least take one more year to be ready for induction. 

The Agni 4 missiles have been researched and developed by the defense research and development organization (DRD0), India, and DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM was the in-charge of AGNI and Prithvi when it was first developed.

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