India could have its SpaceX like ventures soon : MR. Ajay Kumar sood

Technology: India could have its space like ventures soon, as our scientific advisor MR. Ajay Kumar sood said that they will soon unveil the new space policy, government will encourage the space sector to develop or manufacture the space satellites in the private sector. He said, we will have our own spaceX in the next two years.

India could have its space like ventures soon : MR. Ajay Kumar sood
India could have its space like ventures soon : MR. Ajay Kumar sood

Can India have its own spaceX like ventures?

What is SpaceX?

Have you have heard the name of Elon Musk? Of course yes, right? Then you must have heard about the SpaceX..Let me give you the brief about SpaceX first

SpaceX is the privately owned business which is equipped for returning a rocket from low-earth orbit. It is established by the Elon Musk in 2002. SpaceX turned into the primary privately owned company to take humans there as well. They believes a fully reusable rockets that will reduce the cost of space access.  Its main goal is to reducing space transportation costs.

Now coming to India, we have our own space organization, ISRO- Indian space research organization

ISRO develops the space satellites items, ISRO capacities in the accompanying regions: broadcasting, weather conditions, disaster management, geographic data frameworks, Navigation, distance education satellites, and so on. ISRO has sent off two mission to the Moon and one to the Mars. ISRO has the world’s biggest star groupings of remote detecting satellites, it has sent off numerous functional remote detecting satellites.

Edusat was the dedicated educational satellite by the ISRO that provide the country two way communication to the classrooms for delivering educational materials. Edusat was launched in 2004.

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Ajay Kumar Sood statement on India have its own spaceX like ventures

To bring a change around space technologies in India, government is encouraging to manufacture the satellites that would help in various field of developments.

With the opening of the space Centre, the satellites dedicated to the various sectors such as, education, military, communication, agriculture etc. For this, the first step is the need to establish a private or space firm for carrying out space activities.

Seeking to further increase private participation, the government will soon unveil a new space policy that could see the rise of India’s own “SpaceX-like ventures”, Principal Scientific Advisor Ajay Kumar Sood has said.

Space policy is in the works. We have not been using it much, but the new technology of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites … that is a low cost game.

“There are a huge number of satellites in LEO. That will change the space sector,” said Sood, who assumed office on April 25.

He said the government will encourage manufacturing of satellites in the private sector for a range of applications from health care, agriculture to urban development and property tax estimation.

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