Important Tips to Straighten Hair at Home With a Flat Iron!

Tips to Straighten hair

Straight hair looks gorgeous on any woman and many women have a special interest in straightening their hair for special occasions.

Here in this article let us look at some of the tips to straighten your hair at home.

Tips to Straighten hair at Home
Tips to Straighten hair at Home

How to use a flat iron to get straight hair

  • Ensure proper temperature

Always ensure to use the flat iron at the proper temperature to style your hair. Make sure to set the right temperature for your flat iron.

This is because, if you straighten your hair with a low heated straightener, you’ll end up having the hair curls after a few hours.

  • Always straighten on a clean and dry hair

Straightening should be always done on dry hair. Straightening on Wet hair causes damage to your hair strands.

Also, it is advisable to straighten clean hair. The effect of straightening remains for a longer time if you do it on clean hair. So it is advisable to do straightening after you take a head bath and dry it properly.

  • Maintain the flat iron clean

Always ensure to maintain your flat iron in a clean condition. It is because the dust particles present on the flat iron do not allow the flat iron to heat up uniformly. It in turn affects the quality of straightening your hair.

So it is always advisable to maintain your flat iron clean and well maintained just like any other device.

  • Comb your hair

You should always comb your hair properly before straightening your head with a flat iron. Combining your hair helps to do the straightening quickly and retain the effect for a longer time.

If you have curly and frizzy hair, you can divide your hair into partitions and comb your hair one by one while straightening.

  • Straighten 1 inch at a time

Always ensure to divide your hair into partitions and clip them up before straightening. Take only one-inch width of hair strands and iron it properly. Straightening like this helps you to get the effect uniformly throughout your hair.

It requires patience to do straightening for such smaller sections. But the results will be impressive if you do so.

  • Start from the back side of your head

After clipping up all the sections of your hair, start straightening your hair from the backward of your head. Your hair in the front sections should be the last ones to be straightened. Even professionals follow the same technique to do straightening.

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Tools required to straighten your hair

In the below few lines, let us look at some of the important tools required to perform straightening.

  • Flat iron

The flat iron is the main tool used to straighten your hair. Make sure to select the good quality flat iron to straighten your hair.

  • Clips for sectioning

It is important to clip your hair into sections before straightening. So Always maintain an adequate number of clips before you start straightening. Six to seven clips are required for medium-volume hair. So you can plan according to the volume of your hair.

  • Hairbrush

Before you straighten your hair, you have to comb your hair removing all the tangles. So, use a good bristle hair brush to remove all the tangles before you head to straightening.

  • Hair dryer

A hairdryer is an optional tool before you start straightening. You can choose to naturally air dry your hair. You can also choose a hair dryer to blow dry without leaving any wetness in your hair.

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