If you Relate to These 10 Signs, You’re An Introvert

10 signs you might be an introvert

You have heard the term introvert before. The person says I am too introvert, but what does it mean to be an introvert? What is an Introvert? Introvert focuses more on their own thoughts and feelings and do not expect anything from outsiders or any other person on the planet, they just focus on themselves. Every person responds differently in different types of situations, it’s all science that how the brain works.

10 signs you might be an introvert
10 signs you might be an introvert

There is a good advantage of being an introvert, they are great thinkers, who try to solve their problems even before they arise and also they have a great & god memory. Introverted people enjoy their own company rather than being with someone else, they want a peaceful place, and peace of mind which maintains their privacy.

If you don’t know the sign of an introverted person, here is the list of some signs that would aware you of the introverted personality.

1. Loneliness– you feel comfortable when you are alone, instead of in a crowd. This is one of the signs of an introverted person. You want your own privacy and a peaceful place. Like if you are surrounded by people that make you feel low and it drains your energy but not all introverts like this, it totally depends on the person what they want. Some introverted people are comfortable with other people or their surroundings but some might not.

2. Avoid parties and invitations– if you prefer to avoid parties and a lot of crowds or an invitation that is having a huge get-togetherness, this thing is another sign of an introverted personality. Totally opposite of an extrovert personality, they love to go to these types of parties and love to meet other people.

3. A close circle of friends– if you do not have a lot of friends, and do not want to make lots. You just want a number of friends that are really close to which you feel comfortable saying anything, but some introverts have close circles but they are not comfortable in talk, which means you are a quite shy person who does not participate in unnecessary gossip.

4. Can’t sit for so long with people– you get tired while talking to other people? If yes, then this is another sign of an introverted personality, you don’t like to talk much or sit long with other people. While extroverts might feel good sitting with other people and making new circles of friends, they like talking.

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5. Set up– you set up your own room and enjoy your own company if you set your interest in a room whether it’s a library or the computer setup/game and enjoy it more than anything like more than being with someone else, then it is another sign of an introverted personality. It is actually better to enjoy your own company rather than with anyone else.

6. Self-Aware– you are self-aware, you know what you are doing, what you will have to do, and what you want from your life. You already have set up your own goal to achieve and focus only on that. That is actually a good thing, such a type of person only focuses on their goals and life objectives and doesn’t waste their time on any other meaningless things.

7. You love meaningful talks- being an introverted personality, you don’t like people with meaning fewer talks and gossip, the only thing you are looking for is if someone talks about meaningful full things. Well, this is the positive aspect of nature. Such people love to have meaningful talks with their close friends and families.

8. Attention– the introvert personality does not like attention, they do not want to become the center of attention of them. They like to be silent and enjoy a lone & peaceful place.

9. You would rather write than speak– One thing which is a sign of an introverted person is you would not want to share your thoughts, and feelings with close persons. You would rather want to write it down on paper or do something productive at that time, they do not show anger toward someone else, instead, write down their feeling. That is it, and good actually.

10. Networking– is important for professionals, but it is not easy for an introverted person. Even small talks for hours become the worst nightmares, for sure. You will try to make an excuse for it, but if not then you should prepare yourself before that. You have to make eye contact with them, handshaking, and talk for long hours. But when it is all completed, you are just pissed off and want time for yourself alone to rest.

So, these are the signs of an introvert personality, I know some of these are difficult but some are quite positive signs that an extrovert person could also apply to your life.

An introvert is good not a big issue, people are shy, not a big deal but taking it like that helps you in improving yourself much and better. If I talk about Extrovert people, they are good as well and find their type of person but they should also keep in mind their lifetime goals, they should not take that in a light way. Both are good at their places but somehow they have their own choices to choose in their life.

Hope you like this article, and stay tuned for further information!

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