Hyderabad Consulate Issues 18,600 Student Visas

A purposeful move of the US government, they have issued 1 lakh 25,000 visas to the students, a record number compared to the last five years. Moreover, according to a US Foreign Affairs representative, such a large number of visas have been issued for the first time after 2016. 

Hyderabad Consulate
Hyderabad Consulate

Presently, Indian students make up 20% of international students in the US. The Indian state Telangana and Andhra students have been issued 18,600 visas in 2022 alone by the Hyderabad US Consulate. The US further said that it was working on issuing more visas and decreasing the waiting time for the visas. 

Apart from India, many students from various countries have been waiting for their visas. The representative further said that the US ministry of Foreign Affairs department was checking all measures to ensure that the visas were issued as early as possible. As of now, COVID restrictions have been eased in almost all countries, so now the demand for visas has been high. So to handle the matter, the Foreign Affairs department is also looking into staffing issues and other matters that have caused delays in approving visas in the past.

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