Health benefits of Veldt grapes

Well, I can guess that you have not heard the name Veldt Grape before. We commonly know only two types of grapes green and black grapes, right? Let me introduce you to the veldt grape which is a species of the grape family. The grape family has more than 10,000 grape varieties and one of the species called Genus Cissus consists of around 324 to 444 species and belongs to the Grape family Vitaceae.

Veld Grapes, scientifically known as Cissus quadrangularis is a perennial plant and has many common names like Devil’s backbone, Veldt Grape, Adamant Creeper, Pirandai, Asthisamharaka, hadjod, Asthisandhani, and Edible stemmed vine. However, the generic name comes from the Greek name of the ivy (cissos) the specific name is the Latin adjective quadrangularis, after analyzing the shape of the stem.

Veldt grapes

Furthermore, before coming to the health benefits of the grape, understand the meaning of the name. in Sanskrit, Cissus Quardrangularis is known as Asthisamharaka which means that it saves the bones from their destruction, so it is named Asthisandhani means the quality of healing the bone fractures. And the veldt grape shows the same properties and has been given many names. Therefore, the plant has been mentioned in all ancient books of Ayurveda and it was mainly used for healing bone fractures. The stem of the veldt grape is also mentioned in Ayurveda as an alterative, digestive, tonic, analgesic in eyes and ears, dyspeptic, also used to treat irregular mensuration and asthma, and bone pain.

So, I guess now you understand that the Veldt grape has many health benefits and has been used for a very long time. It is a herb that can save us from many diseases and also help in fixing broken bones. There are numerous health benefits of using veldt grapes let’s explore the benefits.

  1. Fractured bones– in ayurveda, the veldt grapes are used to heal fractured bones. Because the anabolic is found present in grapes, and also anabolic hormones are formed in the human body which starts decreasing with age. However, veldt grapes are highly rich in calcium, sodium, and potassium which are very important for human bones and consumption of these herbs can join the bones faster by 30-50%.
  2. Stomach ulcers– Stomach ulcers, commonly known as gastric ulcers, are the type of aching wound and ulcers in the intestines and It affects the stomach as well as the small intestine. Stomach ulcers can occur when the cells that keep your stomach functioning properly become weak. And in this situation, the veld grape could be very effective for treating ulcers due to the presence of sitosterol and triterpenoids in grapes.
  3. Diabetes– this helps in curing diabetes by increasing carbohydrate metabolism which lowers blood sugar levels, and controls the risk of increasing diabetes. It can also protect us from many other deadly diseases like asthma, gout, hemorrhoids, allergies, and neck and back pain, removes the block of blood coming from the heart, and also improves brain capacity

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