All you Need to Know About Gulzar Houz, History, Interesting Facts & Restoration!

Hyderabad: Gulzar Houz is a historical fountain located near Charminar, Hyderabad, India. It is located approximately in the middle of the road between Charminar and the Madina building. The Fountain has an octagonal shape and has a history of 400 years. Gulzar Houz was constructed by Mir Momin Astrabadi, the first prime minister during the role of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah.

Gulzar houz hyderabad
Gulzar houz hyderabad

Interesting facts about Gulzar Houz

On the four corners of the Gulzar Houz, there are 4 Kaman’s called Charkamans. The Fountain has four streams flowing in four directions dividing the age of the radial road into two halves.

It is believed that in the olden days, the Fountain served to quench the thirst of Nizam Soldiers. There is a square-shaped structure present between the four arches of the Kaman called Jilu Khana or the Guards square.

The center of the square is called Char-Siu-Ka-Hauz. This was later renamed Suka-Houz and in the present generation, it is called Gulzar Houz. Gulzar House was built 350 ft equal distance from the four Kaman’s surrounding it from the four sides.

Gulzar House was initially built as a 12-sided structure. But later it was turned into an octagonal shape and in the present generation, it almost looks like a circular shape. 

Gulzar House was built with a wide garden area in the past but over the years, its size was reduced and occupied by the roads.

The members of the Lions Club of Hyderabad petals took up the project to renovate the structure a couple of years ago.

Restoration of the glory of the Gulzar Houz

After the renovation, the historic fountain is looking fabulous and has become a star of attraction in the Charminar area.

The renovation of the Gulzar House was done under Shashi Nahata, the founder of the Lion Petals club. In an interview, he had told that it was one project close to his heart and he was very delighted to fulfill the dreams of many Hyderabadis who want to see its Glory again.

Medhi Ali, a resident of Noor khan Bazar, says that they grew up hearing so many wonderful stories about Gulzar House. And he also added that it might not be as significant as it was during the time of Qutub Shahi rulers but, at least there is something left to this generation.

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