Google brings Meet, Spaces, Chat, and video calls together in Gmail

Google brings Meet, Spaces, Chat, and video calls together in Gmail
Google brings Meet, Spaces, Chat, and video calls together in Gmail

Technology News: We all are using Gmail, every single person on this planet has an account on Gmail. During the pandemic, all things have been digitalized so those who even do not know how to use Gmail have grown rapidly and been digitalized. Due to the pandemic, when things started to digitalize in the 90s teachers, and old citizens who were working offline for decades but they do not have android phones, that time all of those people became dependent on phones and grew for the good. For those who are using Gmail for their work purposes. Here are some important updates for Gmail users.

Google has updated Gmail’s interface for every user that bringing Meet, Chat, video calls, and Spaces closer together as a part of the overall experience. Later in this year, the users will see the improvements to Gmail for tablet users, better emoji support, and more accessibility features.

The Product Manager, Neena Kamath said, wow you can optimize Gmail for how you like to stay connected, whether it’s as a stand-alone email application or a hub for easily moving between the chat, spaces, and video calls in the Google Meet.

Gmail has changed a lot over the last decades, and the latest updates and changes bring helpful updates to every Gmail user, including the best of Google Workspace, combined with a new look that is based on Google’s Material Design 3.

The product manager announced that they are bringing together Gmail, chat, spaces, and meet in a single view. And the integrated view will begin to roll out for all the Gmail users who have turned on the chat.

So the next few weeks, users can enable the integrated view by using the new visual configuration option in Settings and anyone who wants to keep their existing Gmail layout will be able to do so.

Google further said, that Beyond this user interface, they are continuing to make Gmail more customizable and Powerful. They are working on making it easier than ever to find the message that the users are looking for by bringing a search box to the inbox and improving the search results that suggest the best match for the user’s query.

So now Gmail has become easier to use and access the features. The updates will be coming in the future also. Hope you like this article, stay tuned for further information and updates.

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