Good news for H1B visa holders, Spouses can work in the US!

H1B visa

Here is Good News for foreign national’s people who are holding H-1 visas. There are thousands of foreign national people (Indian employed in the US) working in multinational companies like, google, amazon, Facebook, & others companies. Recently all of these companies laid off a large strength of employees at one time and are likely to be in the future.

The US court district judge, Tanya Chutkan, rejected a lawsuit by Save Jobs USA and reached the court for seeking repeal of an Obama-era regulation under which the government permitted spouses of H-1B visa holders. The Department of Homeland Security has authorized employment not just for students, but also for their spouses.

U.S. Court Judge Tanya Chutkan said that the conflict of Save Jobs USA, is that Congress has never permitted the Department of Homeland Security authority to allow the foreign nationals on H-4 visa-holders, to work during their stay in their country USA, and also a large number of people are Indians.

Tech giant companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have raised their opposition to this lawsuit. The US government and administration have provided more than 1 lakh work authorizations to the respective spouses of H-1B visa workers, a portion of which comprises Indian nationals.

However, with this lawsuit, the US court allow the spouses of H-1 visa holders to be allotted H-4 visas. The US federation granted the H-4 visas to the dependents and spouses & children of those foreign nationals holding H-1B, H-2B & H-3 visas. The H-1B visa holders consist the persons with talent, proven experience & expertise in their respective fields.  Their spouses are well educated and good for employability.

A survey shows that Indians benefit hugely from H-4 visas as more than two-thirds of visa holders are believed to be Indians while Chinese holds 6%. Females hold 90% of the H-4 visas, among most of the women are Indian nationals.

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