GHMC Plans to build cycle tracks wherever feasible in Hyderabad!

Plans for making cycle tracks in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: We should try to promote the use of bicycles and for that, the Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation GHMC has decided to build cycle tracks wherever feasible on the 709.49 km main road network in its jurisdiction.

GHMC Plans to build cycle tracks wherever feasible on the 709.49 km main road networ in Hyderabad
GHMC Plans to build cycle tracks wherever feasible on the 709.49 km main road networ in Hyderabad

A 450-meter cycle track from roiling hills to AIG Hospitals, then a 2 km cycling track from Bio Diversity Junction to Leather Park, and a 2.25 km cycling track from Khajaguda to Nanakramguda are some of the tracks that are currently under construction by the GHMC. The other main road extended where for setting up cycling tracks work are in progress including Tolichowki to Shaikpet stretch, and Mettuguda to Tarnaka, Narsapur road to Balanagar.

These tracks will have a footway on either side of the road to free them from regular traffic and to ensure their safety from road accidents and other things.

The decision regarding this project was taken by Municipal Administration & Urban Development (MA&UD) department, that on the main road, a dedicated cyclist track cannot be built so in that case, the plan is to bound or divide an area, especially for the cyclists and raise temporary barricades on the roads for the safety of the cyclists. And in this plan, the barricades are to be placed during office hours meanwhile, they will place during early hours and removed by office hours.

The instructions of MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao is been followed for the cyclists and are being developed facilities for them. Furthermore, more tracks will be built in the upcoming days and the MA&UD department will take a final decision on the model of the track to develop similar facilities on a large scale.

The 709.49km main road network in the city, has been handed over to the comprehensive road Maintenance Programme agency (CRMP) for maintenance, and apart from these agencies, the GHMC is also developing some tracks.

Estimates for developing cycling tracks have been prepared at the zonal level and the same is to be sent for the approval. At some places along with the cycle tracks, footpaths or pathways are also being built and saplings are being raised.

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