Fridge Water- side effects

Fridge Water- side effects

In this heating summer every time we feel dehydrated and run for cold water to get over it. You are consuming cold and chilled water in the heating summer to keep yourself hydrated. In one survey it is found that 79% of people prefer to drink cold water in the summertime, as it helps in metabolism rates, helps boost low blood pressure, and weight loss. But do you also know, consuming or drinking cold water can lead to certain medical conditions? There are various side effects of drinking cold water or fridge water, it can weaken your immune system, it can narrow your blood vessels, and even increase the risk for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Here in this article, I will mention some side effects of drinking fridge water and why we should not consider cold water.

  1. Disturbs digestion- drinking cold water can contract your blood vessels means to narrow the blood vessels and restricting digestion. It also disturbs the natural process of nutrient absorption during digestion. Drinking cold water can cause dehydration as your body settles this by spending energy to regulate the temperature.

  2. Causes sore throat- sometimes you feel sore throat in the summertime that is because you are drinking fridge water which causes a sore throat and blocks your nose. One should immediately stop consuming icy water to prevent a sore throat and blocked nose. Drinking chilled water especially after the food affects your respiratory system and creates a lot of mucus which leads to many respiratory problems and infections.

  3. Difficult to break down the fats- drinking cold water just after your food solidifies the fat from the food just consumed which makes it difficult for your body to break down the unwanted fat. So, to avoid this situation, it is better to avoid drinking water for at least 30 minutes after your meal.

  4. Change in heart rate- cold water is also responsible for decreasing heart rate. It stimulates the tenth cranial nerve known as the name, vagus nerve, which is an integral part of the body’s autonomous nervous system and lowers the heart rate. Consumption of chilled water will stimulate the nerve and cause the heart rate to drop.

  5. The shock factor- our experts and doctors advised you not to drink cold water after workouts and after your meal. As a lot of heat gets generated after exercise and drinking cold water right after exercise can cause a difference in temperature that impacts health. Even after cold water, the body is not in the form of absorbing cold water, so it affects digestive health. Moreover, cold water comes as a shock to your body if drunk immediately which can cause stomach pain.

Conclusion- not just do these affect your health, but even your brain, immune system, digestive health, gastric, brain and nervous system, teeth, blood pressure, and body affects by cold water. So, it is advisable and recommended to do not to drink cold water, you can have little but at some specific time.

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