Foods that make you feel hot in winter?

Foods that make you feel hot in winter

There is a famous saying that food affects the body, be it temperature, mood, hormones, and obviously health. It is very essential to keep the body at the right temperature, any change in the body temperature leads to diseases and becomes the center of the pathogens. If a body temperature raises, it requires food that drops the temperature or provides coolness similarly when the body gets cool, we require that food that makes us feel hot like coffee or tea in case of cold. So, considering the same, as we know winters are going on, our body needs elements that raise the temperature and balance it out but do you know what are those foods that help in regulating the body temperature, let us explore those foods that do not only keep us warm during the winters but also keep us disease free.

  1. Jaggery – This is also commonly known as “Gur” in Hindi and is part of India’s diet, you will hardly find anyone who does not know about this or hasn’t tasted it yet. A healthy sweetener is extracted using sugarcane and is a part of many dishes all across the country, your parents might have advised you to eat jaggery with milk during winter, no doubt this provides the right temperature the body needs in winter. Just one spoonful of jaggery in hot milk is good enough to keep you warm during winter. There are many dishes that use jaggery, so if someone offers you a sweet or some dish that contains jaggery, have as much as you want.
  • Soups – A type of drink that is famous across the world, soup and you will find n number of varieties in different cultures, probably this is the food that has the most varieties, Mexican, Italian, chineese, veg, non-veg. A food that does not only covers the entire the world and has allured everyone on this planet but a great food that is beneficial during winters because of its property to provide heat to the body, you might have seen people ordering soup and why not, its winter, a bowl of soup is what one can wish for. Nothing works better than a bowl of hot soup before meal,  just toss veggies with a pinch of honey and jaggery and there you go.
  • Honey – This natural superfood is one such amazing food given by mother nature, that does not only keep disease away but provide nourishment to the body and this is the food that can be consumed irrespective of age, be it a new born baby or the gown adult, this is the must food that everyone should go for during winters, this regulates the body temperature and does not let the skin loose moisture.
  • Ginger – this particular in our list is famous for its healing and thermogenic properties, help in boosting the metabolism and enhance the blood flow in the organs, You can consume it in any form, be it a raw, add in tea or curry, this works like a magic on the body.

So, these were few foods that make us feel hot during winters and should be consumed on a daily basis.

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