Foods everyone should eat during summer

The heating summer is already here which burns you throughout the day. People are already feeling dehydrated, continuously washing their faces every time, eating cold food, and drinking chilled drinks to overcome the heat. To reduce the heat in the stomach and body we need to jump to the good food that keeps us hydrated and enhances our mood. There are various seasonal vegetables and fruits there to keep you hydrated in the burning summer. But go for the organic ones to gain the real benefits without any chemical use and disturbance. Here in this article, I will mention some foods that are refreshing to consume during the summer heat.

Foods everyone should eat during summer
  1. Salid– generally in our homes, our parents pushed us to eat more salad because salad has a lot of benefits and it keeps us hydrated over time. Leafy green vegetables are highly rich in carotenoids which the human body converts into vitamin A. This will protect the skin from harmful rays like UV radiation. You can mix the salad with anything just add a pinch of salt and lemon in it.
  2. Berries– Summer is all about heating, eating, and drinking. In the summer season, most of the vegetables and fruits come from mango and berries. However, berries are one of my favorites in the summertime as it contains flavonoids that will help the body to fight against so many problems and illnesses. Even berries like blueberries, Strawberries, and raspberries are also known to increase the blood flow in the body, also making the skin brighter and improving texture.
  3. Corn– this is all time favorite; nothing tastes better than sweet corn in the evening time. As corn is highly rich in starch and also very tasty. It provides lutein and zeaxanthin which are very helpful for maintaining eye health and the antioxidants present also help in lowering the risk of developing age-related issues macular degeneration which causes blindness in older people.
  4. Green leafy vegetables– green leafy vegetables give you various health benefits. If you add green leafy into your diet it will help you in maintaining your health. As green leafy vegetables contain a high amount of water content in them so they will keep you hydrated. Remember, avoid overcooking green vegetables because if you overcooked then they could have higher chances of loss of water content in them.
  5. Onions– Onion, you might be surprised if I am mentioning this because onion is the reason for the foul smell if you consume it separately at any time. However, onion has so many health benefits, eating them raw will ruin your mouth taste so consume it in the form of salad with salt and lemon. Also, you can eat onion by adding it to your curry, and vegetables. Moreover, the red onion should be considered while preparing the food because red onion is a natural anti-allergen if add to your diet regularly can help in protecting you against sunstroke.
  6. Mushrooms– All mushrooms, but mainly Crimini mushrooms have been known to be highly rich in different vitamin D, vitamin B, potassium, copper, and selenium and have low-calorie nutrients, and also contain antioxidants. These nutritional values make it a great vegetable on the dining table. It contains those nutrients that maintain heart rhythm and red blood cell production and improves nerve function.
  7. Avocado– the superfood, avocado contains a high amount of mono-saturated fatty acids which help to remove heat and toxins from the blood, and filters the blood. They are also easily digested, so on consuming this, the body will not need to create more heat to digest them anymore.

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