All you need know about The First man and woman born on Earth!

The First man and woman born on earth

According to the Christian religion, Adam and Eve were the first men and women that were created on the earth. It is a common belief that humanity is in the essence of a single pair of original ancestors. It is stated in the Bible that God created humankind in God’s image and instructed them to multiply. 

The First man and woman born on earth
The First man and woman born on earth

It is a common belief that God created Adam from dust and placed him in the garden of Eden. He was instructed by God that he can eat anything that he wants in the garden except the one tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil. Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs as his companion.

They both were innocent and were not embarrassed about their nakedness. But a Serpent convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and gave the same to Adam and tempted him to eat.

They gained knowledge and the negative and destructive concepts like shame and evil. God gets angry for disobeying his Orders and eating the forbidden fruit. 

God punishes all the three, The Serpent, Adam, and Eve. He cursed the man to be a lifetime hard laborer followed by death and for women to face the pain of childbirth and subordination to their husbands. The god banishes them from the garden of Eden and makes them eat the fruit of another tree which is the tree of life to live and die.

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