Fidaa Actress Sai Pallavi to get Married Soon?

Sai Pallavi to get Married Soon
Sai Pallavi to get Married Soon

Sai Pallavi has been one of the very versatile actresses present in the Telugu film industry in the current generation. From Her variations in performances to her dancing skills, Telugu movie buffs have been spellbound by the actress. The love story actress has known for her natural subtle performances.  Recently she starred in Shyam Singha Roy’s movie opposite Hero Nai and her movie with Rana Daggubati Virata Parvam is waiting for a release date.

Recently, a piece of interesting news about Sai Pallavi has been going around on social media circles that the parents of Sai Pallavi are on the hunt for a groom. Yes, going by the sources Sai Pallavi is ready for the marriage and the parents are in search of the right persona for the actress.

Earlier during a Tamil movie release Sai Pallavi revealed that she is not ready for marriage yet and said that she wants to take care of her parent. Getting married would make her leave her parents and she is not ready to do so. Now it seems the Shyam Singha Roya actress changed her mind and given a nod for the wedding to her parents. As of now, the actress is not signing any new projects and this left the rumors mongers spread the speculations about sai palavi’s marriage and fans believe in the news.

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