Few Unkown Historical & Interesting facts About Mount Road Chennai!

Chennai: Mount Road in Chennai has a special place in people’s hearts, it has a very old and important history. The mount road Chennai was one of the first things that were built by Britishers.

Mount Road Chennai
Mount Road Chennai

It is mainly built for the European employees to travel from Fort St George to St. Thomas Mount, that’s why the name of this road is called Mount Road. It is a nearly 400 years old road in Chennai. This 14km long road was mainly built for European employees to travel from fort st. George to st. mount near Guindy

Being one of the most important roads In Chennai, many corporate and public enterprises are located here. Carrying its ancientness, this road also becomes the second-longest road after EVR Periyar. Originally this road is named mount road but post-independence it was renamed “Anna salai”.

There are several notable places in and around the area which is unique on their own. If one looks with a bird’s eye view at the region, they can say that the region is not just about the road but the aroma it carries within it. Let us explore this place bit by bit.

The oldest bookstore in India established in Chennai by Higginbotham in 1844 is still there. The spencer plaza mall which is located on mount road was built in 1863, it is the oldest and first shopping mall and was established by Charles Durant and J. W. Spencer.

The thousand Lights Mosque which was built in 1810 is the oldest and one of the biggest Mosques in the country. This road has also LIC headquarter which was the tallest building in India when it was inaugurated in 1959, This 15 stories building has been serving as the headquarters of the southern region.

Buhari hotel was the very first hotel to introduce a jukebox, and crockery to enhance the dining experience. This hotel has also a history with the invention of the famous dish “chicken 65”.

Another jewel this place has is “spencer plaza” which was built in 1863 and is the oldest and first shopping mall.

Thousand light mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the country. It was famous for the fact that its 1000 oil lamps were needed to illuminate its large assembly hall. The place also has one of the largest electronic markets attached adjacent to it. This place has now 2500 shops within.

Apart from that, Safire theatre was India’s first multiplex cinema hall but was demolished in 2003. The region also has one of the oldest flyovers and that is the Gemini flyover.

Considering the uniqueness of the road, this road also experiences the second greatest number of accidents annually with one person being injured every 1.3 days. This road is also one of the busiest roads being used by 0.183 million vehicles every day. Though this road is now called as Anna salai but people still call it mount road because “Anna salai” is a name and Mount road is an emotion.

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