Famous Anchors in Telugu Television Industry

Famous Anchors in Telugu Television Industry

Tollywood is famous all over India and apart from movies, the Telugu television entertainment industry is also popular across the country. 

The Telugu television industry has some charming and outstanding personalities as anchors and presenters. Here in this article let us discuss some of the most popular Telugu TV anchors.

Famous Telugu TV Anchors
Famous Telugu TV Anchors

Suma Kanakala

Suma Kanakala is the most famous and renowned anchor in the Telugu film industry.

Suma Kanakala was born on the 22nd of March in the year 1975 in a Malayalam family in Kerala. Suma Kanakala is 46 years old as of 2021.

Suma Kanakala started her anchoring career at the age of 21. 

Telugu Anchor Suma Kanakala
Telugu Anchor Suma Kanakala

Suma Kanakala got popular with a show called ‘Awak Ayyara’ which aired on Etv and was released in the year 2006. 

Later she gained much popularity with a famous show called Star Mahila aired on ETV.

Suma Kanakala has hosted many TV shows, film promotions, award shows, etc throughout her career.

Suma Kanakala is the recipient of many awards like the Limca fresh face award, Nandi award for Panchavataram, best anchor award for the show star Mahila, and many more. 

Besides the Malayalam language, Suma Kanakala speaks other languages like Telugu Hindi Tamil, and English. 

Suma Kanakala has married Rajiv Kanakala and the couple has a boy and a girl as children.

Suma Kanakala and Rajeev Kanakala own a production house called the K Suma Rajeev Creations.


Ravi is one of the famous male anchors in the Telugu television industry. Anchor Ravi was born on the 19th of September in the year 1990 in Hyderabad. 

Anchor Ravi
Telugu TV Anchor Ravi

Ravi got popular with a classic show called ‘Something Special’ which was aired on Maa music.

Ravi had hosted many talk shows, award programs, and many more throughout his career.

Ravi is also known as one of the most handsome celebrities in the Telugu television industry. Some of his popular shows would include kiraak, Dhee juniors, Ali Talkies, etc.

Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep Manchiraju is one of the most popular male anchors and the youth icon in the Telugu television industry. Pradeep was born on the 23rd of October in the year 1986 in Amalapuram. He is famous for his sense of humor and celebrity shows.

In the early days of his career, Pradeep started as a radio announcer on Radio Mirchi, an FM channel. 

In the early days, Pradeep started a comedy show called Pradeep Darbar which was inspired by the TV classic Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma. 

Telugu TV Anchor Pradeep Machiraju
Telugu TV Anchor Pradeep Machiraju

After that, he started another TV program called the ‘Gadusari Atta Sogasari Kodalu’ through which he gained popularity with female audiences.

In the show ‘Konchem touch lo unte chepta’, Pradeep used to host celebrities across India. Pradeep gained fame and name through this show among the youth.

Pradeep Machiraju is also a part of many movies like July, 100% Love, Bum Bole Nath, 30 Rojullo Premichatam Ela, etc. 

Pradeep Manju Raju was the recipient of the Nandi Trophy for the best anchor in the year 2010. 

Udaya Bhanu

Udaya Bhanu was born and grew up in Sultanabad, Karimnagar district, Telangana. Udaya Bhanu started her anchoring career when she was 15 years old. 

Telugu TV Anchor Udaya Bhanu
Telugu TV Anchor Udaya Bhanu

Udaya Bhanu has gained popularity on a TV show called ‘Once more please’ in which she did the role of a supporting anchor along with Venu Madhav. 

Some of the TV shows that she hosted are Janavile Nerajanuvule, Nee illu bangaram kanu, Dhee, etc.


Lasya was born on the 27th of August in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. While Lasya was in college, she used to do several cultural programs and those got good responses on-campus local FM channels.

Telugu TV Anchor Lasya
Telugu TV Anchor Lasya

Lasya got popular after hosting a live show called ‘Ankitam’ which was aired on the Gemini Music channel. 

Another show which got immense fame from Lasya is ‘Something Special ‘. The show ‘Something Special’ stood as a breakthrough in Lasya’s career.

Some of the shows Lasya has hosted include ONE, Mondi mogudu penki Pellam, Aha Emi Ruchi, ET, love line, etc.


Srimukhi is a beautiful and famous anchor in the Telugu TV industry. She is popular among youth for her sense of humor and beauty.

Telugu TV ANchor Sreemukhi
Telugu TV ANchor Sreemukhi

Srimukhi was born on the 10th of May in the year 1989. Apart from anchoring, Sri Mukhi has also acted in some movies and television serials. She made her first acting debut in a supporting role in the film ‘Julai’ which was released in the year 2013.

Srimukhi hosted a show called ‘Patas Full to Bindas’ which was a super hit and got fame. Srimukhi has also hosted an award show with the actor Rana Daggubati.

Some of the shows Sri Mukhi hosted include Ishk kadal, Savitri, Gentleman, Manalo Okkadu, Sreemukhi, etc.

Anasuya Bharadwaj

Anasuya Bharadwaj was born on the 15th of May in the year 1985 in Hyderabad. In the early days of her career, Anasuya Bharadwaj was a radio jockey for a Morning Mantra show on MAA music channel. This show got her immense popularity and won many hearts.

Telugu TV Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj
Telugu TV Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj

Another breakthrough show in her career was a comedy show named ‘Jabardasth’. 

After getting enough fame, Anasuya has hosted many movie releases and award functions. 

Anasuya has hosted shows on many channels throughout her career. Some may include Mahalaxmi on MAA TV, Tadaka on Etv, etc.

Anasuya Bharadwaj is married to Sushant Bharadwaj and, this couple together has a son named Shaurya.

Rashmi Gautam

Rashmi Gautam was born on the 7th of April in the year 1988 in Visakhapatnam. Rashmi Gautam was born in Uttar Pradesh. 

Telugu TV Anchor Rashmi Gautam
Telugu TV Anchor Rashmi Gautam

But Rashmi Gautam started her career in the Telugu film industry and became a successful anchor.

Apart from Hindi, Rashmi Gautam knows other languages like Odia, Telugu, English, etc. She has been in the anchoring field for the past 12 years and has become one of the successful anchors.

A few years back, Rashmi Gautam hosted a comedy show called the ‘Jabardast’ aired on etv. This show got her immense popularity and it stood as a breakthrough in her career.

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