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About Ekaveera Devi Temple

The Ekaveera Devi temple is located in Mogilichral, Geesugonda Mandal, Warangal, Telangana State, India. The history of the Ekaveera temple dates back to the 12th century. The temple was constructed by the Kaktiya kings during their reign. The holy temple which was once a glory of the Warangal district is now in a condition of ruin because of the negligence all over the years. Various rulers belonging various times used to offer prayers at the temple every day. The most prominent one is the great queen Rani Rudrama, according to local lore.

The Ekaveera Devi temple is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Warangal district headquarters. The temple is situated on the banks of a tank in Mogilicherla village. The temple was built during 1156-1196 AD and Kakatiya kings used to offer prayers daily. Historians say that Rani Rudrama was defeated and killed here at this temple by her opponents.

Ekaveera Devi temple

The Kakatiya rulers built many greatly patronized temples during their reign. They also built tanks adjacent to temples where habitation was used to sustain the tank. Kakatiya kings buit a similar sprawling tank in Mogilicherla village too. Presently, we can spot thick bushes of Garden Marigold or Telugu Mogili Chettu in the vicinity of the water tank. The village is renamed after its name and came to be known as ‘Mogilicherla’.

The idol that is being worshipped in the Ekaveera Devi temple was missed and all other idols lie scattered and mutilated because of the negligence.
There are even rumors spread around about the presence of a hidden treasure in the temple surroundings.

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With all the negligence and lack of proper security to the ancient holy structure, some unidentified miscreants bombed the whole area about a decade ago. That incident shattered the wilderness and the aura around the monuments.

Historians say that the open well constructed beautifully with rocks about a furlong from the temple was supposedly used by visiting dignitaries of the Kakatiya kingdom in those days. Presently, it lay in a ruin state and is a place anti-social elements.

Resource Category: Cultural significance
Location: Mogilicherla Village
Date of construction: 13th century
Property use: Abandoned

How to reach Ekaveera Devi Temple:

The village is accessible by road, but the temple is not accessible. Moreover, there is no proper way leading into the fields where the temple is located.

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