F3 Movie USA Premiers Review

Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej sterre F3 Movie is all set to hit screens on 27th of May while the movie will be premiered in the USA on 26th of May. According to the report F3 movie is expected to be released at 4 a.m. IST in the USA on the 26th of May which means the first review will be out before the movie hits screens in INDIA.

F3 Movie USA Premiers Review
F3 Movie USA Premiers Review

F3 Movie is set to screen in 350+ theatres across the United States of America. Tamannah Bhatia, Mehreen Pirzada, and Sonal Chauhan will be seen in the female lead roles while Sunil, Ali, and Rajendra Prasad will be seen in key roles in the film. Devi Sri Prasad is the music director produced by Dilraju and directed by Ani Ravipudi.

F3 Movie USA Review

Coming from the makers of the F2 F3 movie it has humongous expectations featuring Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannah, and Mehreen in the lead roles.

Using the core star cast lead actors from F2 movie, Where F2 completely dealt with fun and frustration in relationships, Wife & Husband, boyfriend, and Girlfriend, F3 shows us the fun and frustrating sides of middle-class people and their Greediness of becoming rich.

Venkatesh runs away with all the credit in the movie and also he got more screen space than the rest of the actors. Varun Teja is also good and did his 1005 justice to his characters. Venkatesh with Night blindness and Varun Tej Stammering issue is fun to watch. They are a few notable fun comedy scenes in the movie. Don’t expect any logic in the movie leave your thinking hats outside before entering theaters. Finally, F3 is definitely one-time watchable and the movie hit right chord with Telugu Audience.

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