Exercise During Pregnancy: Major Benefits, Safety, Tips & Guidelines!

Some Major Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

Health: Hello to all the ladies out there, who are pregnant. You know there are lots of things which you can do during your pregnancy, there is a myth or can say misconception in the country that you cannot do many things during your pregnancy in the first trimester. I know, the first trimester is very difficult and has to handle in a very delicate way, and have to be very careful but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything. To maintain your pregnancy well and for the normal delivery, you should do exercise which can be beneficial for your health and for your child also. Women should be encouraged to do exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here in this article, I will discuss some ways and some exercises that will help you to maintain better health care during all three trimesters.

Some Major Benefits of exercising during pregnancy
Some Major Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

There are several health benefits of exercise for the women who do, such as weight control, improving mood, and maintaining fitness level. By doing regular exercise you can also reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. So consult your doctor or your healthcare professional before starting your exercise, they will guide you on that, how and which exercise to do.

  1. Enjoyment, the moment you start the exercise you calm yourself, and you will enjoy it, it makes you feel better.
  2. Doing exercise will help you to increase your energy.
  3. It will help you to increase your fitness
  4. Reduced back and pelvic pain.
  5. Exercise will help you to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension.
  6. Fewer complications in child delivery
  7. prevention and management of urinary incontinence meanwhile, doing exercise will help you in preventing the leaking problem of urine, which is common during that time
  8. will help in regulating the blood circulation, and improving posture
  9. manage weight control and reduces the stress
  10. it reduces the risk of anxiety and depression
  11. help in improving sleep and management of insomnia

see, your body will undergo many changes during all three trimesters, and due to that some of the changes will also affect you in the exercises so that’s why you need to get a regular and proper check-up and modify your exercise accordingly, your consultant/doctor/healthcare will suggest you when and why to change the exercise during the pregnancy.

If you continue to do those exercises in three trimesters then it will affect your body such as

  1. First, it will affect your joints, the hormone relaxin loosens ligaments and that might able to increase the risk of joint injuries like sprains.
  2. As soon as time passes, your weight will increase and it will affect your body shape and result that your body’s center of gravity moving forward, which can alter your balance and coordination.
  3. During pregnancy, you will experience in raising heart rate so do not do that type of exercise that will target the heart rate. But the exercise intensity can be measured by using the method of Borg’s Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale and which measures how hard you feel while your body is working.
  4. In another hand, your blood pressure drops in the second trimester so avoid the sudden things that you are doing means you are sitting and then directly standing up so if you want to stand up then do it slowly, avoid the sudden movements of the body.

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Here are some suggestions for those who were used to exercise before they are pregnant. Now, the first case is, if you have been doing the exercise and participated in any physical activity or exercise program.

  1. Do moderate-level exercise for at least 30 minutes.
  2. If you are healthy and you are not experiencing any problems or complications in your pregnancy, so you have to continue the level of exercise throughout the pregnancy,
  3. Keep regular checkups and be guided by your professional/doctor or healthcare expert.

Now, in the second case, you are into physical activity but have been inactive before your pregnancy.

  1. You should start with low-intensity exercises, like walking, and swimming, and try to do moderate-level exercise.
  2. Try to do at least 30 minutes the moderate level exercise, if not all days of the week. You can first start with the 15 minutes session of the exercise, and then extend it to longer minutes.
  3. If you are healthy and you are not experiencing any problems or complications in your pregnancy, so you have to continue the level of exercise throughout the pregnancy,
  4. Keep regular checkups and be guided by your professional/doctor or healthcare expert.

I would suggest some physical exercise for the beginner level, also for pregnant women’s:

  1. Start with the walking
  2. Bit swimming
  3. Cycling
  4. Jogging
  5. Pilates
  6. Pregnancy exercise classes
  7. Muscle-strengthening exercises,
  8. Try to do aquarobics (exercise in water)
  9. Do yoga, stretching, and other floor exercises

The Exercise which you should avoid during the pregnancy

  1. Avoid all the weightlifting exercise
  2. You should avoid martial arts, soccer, basketball, and other sports exercise
  3. Avoid the hard projectile exercises like hockey, cricket and all
  4. downhill skiing, horse riding, and skating
  5. avoid gymnastics
  6. scuba diving
  7. heavy lifting
  8. avoid high altitude training above 2000m

Safety – Alert signs while doing Physical excercises

Some alert signs while doing exercises if you have these symptoms while exercising, then must see the doctor or your health care profession

  1. headache
  2. chest pain
  3. swelling on the body or face
  4. vaginal bleeding
  5. deep back and pelvic pain
  6. contractions
  7. lower abdomen cramp
  8. difficult in walking
  9. some unusual change in the body’s movements
  10. amniotic fluid leakage
  11. unusual shortness of breath
  12. excessive fatigue
  13. Muscle weakness.
  14. Dizziness
  15. Feeling faintness

So, these all are the things you should remember while exercising. Exercise is the most important part of the body, it will help in maintaining your body well and fit. During the pregnancy, it will help you a lot and reduce the risk of complications in the pregnancy. So in the article, I have mentioned some things that would be helpful in the pregnancy. Some exercises that you should do and that you should definitely avoid. Before doing anything you must consult with your doctor or your healthcare professional. Doing exercise will help you make relax and calm down your mind, it has lots of benefits if you do that on regular basis.

Hope you find this article well and get some useful information from that. Stay tuned for further information. Keep visiting the site.

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