Everything you need to know about 5G, Pros & Cons

We all know that 4G introduced India to the world. 4G in India started as a revolution bringing affordable connectivity to everyone. But we can say that 5G is what will take India to the future. It is the 5G network that is going to take a wider audience and the whole range of applications to the entirely next level. If you do not know much about 5G, then in this article we are going to discuss everything you should know about 5G.

Everything you need to know about 5G, Pros & Cons
Everything you need to know about 5G, Pros & Cons

What is 5G?

5G is nothing but a mobile technology similar to 4G, 3G, 2G, and so on. 5G is developed and conceptualized with a range of collaborations of standard organizations that are spanning across the world. The 5G network can work anywhere across all kinds of products across the globe. The group of organizations that are responsible for 5G is called the 3rd Generation partnership project. The infrastructure requirements for a 5G network are being deployed in India.

Let’s look at some advantages that the 5G Network offers us.

Pros of 5G network

  • High speed

The 5G network definitely works faster on mobile phones and on all devices compared with the 4G network. The downloading time of movie videos and music will come from minutes to seconds. The network can enable 20 Gbps allowing organizations to provide services like automation and advanced web conferencing. A survey on 5G Technology revealed that consumers who used 5G have saved nearly 23 hours per day in the downloading process.

  • Low latency

The 5G network can support new technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and virtual reality efficiently because of its low latency when compared to 4G networks. Moreover, mobile phone users can also open a web page and browse without any hassle. 

  • Increased capacity

The 5G network has a capacity to deliver 100 times more speed when compared to a 4G network. It can help companies to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi wireless networks which could help them in better performance. 

  • More bandwidth

Another main advantage of the 5G network is its higher bandwidth which can help transfer data as soon as possible. Moreover, mobile phone users will have a faster connection with more bandwidth after switching to the 5G network.

  • Powering innovation

5G Technology could be a perfect choice to connect different devices including drones and sensors. It will equip us with the power to adopt the internet of things that can enhance the productivity of organizations.

  • Less Tower congestion

4G cellular networks always get congested causing problems to access essential data. However, the 5G network will provide us with better speed and more bandwidth.

Not only advantages but there are also some disadvantages with the 5G network.

Cons of 5G network

  • Limited Global coverage

The main disadvantage of the 5G network is its limited Global coverage and its availability only in specific locations. Only cities might benefit from the 5G network at the start. Because a lot of infrastructures have to be laid across the country remote areas may not get the coverage in the initial years. The expenditure for setting towers is relatively high when compared with any other network. 

  • Decreased broadcast distance

All the 5G network is known for higher speed the traveling distance is low when compared with 4G. Tall buildings and trees may become a hindrance to the frequency of the 5G network which would result in a lot of problems. To tackle the problem, more towers should be installed and this requires a lot of time and expenditure. 

  • Upload speeds

Although 5G Technology allows mobile phone users to have high download speeds within seconds the upload speed is not over 100 Mbps. Moreover, mobile phones should be equipped with better battery technology to use 5G Technology. Users have reported that their mobiles get heated up while using the 5G network. 

  • Weakened device batteries

Mobile phones that are equipped with a 5G connection will have a battery drain that can reduce the lifespan of the phone. So manufacturers have to invest in new battery technology to protect the battle damage.

  • Cybersecurity

Another drawback of the 5G network is cyber security which will result in hacking. As 5G technology connects with more devices, the chances of hacking are high.

  • Lack of encryption in the connection process

The 5G network lacks proper encryption and this becomes an advantage for the hacker to play their attack. Efforts are being taken to improve security. However, consumer education is a necessary step for enhancing the security process.

What phones to use for 5G?

Many people are waiting for the arrival of the 5G Network and are planning to buy a new mobile phone that can support the technology. Most mobile phones are now coming with a feature of the 5G chipset. 5G chipsets have already been launched and phones based on them are available in the market.

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