Epilator to Remove Unwanted Hair: How to Use, Benefits, Risks, Tips & How to Choose one!

All you need to know about an epilator to remove unwanted hair

An epilator is a hair removal device that removes hair from its roots helping you to attain silky soft skin for at least three weeks. An epilator can be used to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body like arms, legs, back, etc.

An epilator can give you similar results as waxing. But the plus point with epilation is that it can remove hair that is just 0.5 mm long. While in the case of waxing, you have to wait for the hair to grow up to 2 mm long to remove the hair from your skin.

An epilator removes the hair from your skin by plucking out the hair while you move the device over different parts of your body.

Epilators to Remove Unwanted Hair
Epilators to Remove Unwanted Hair

It is recommended to exfoliate your skin properly before using an epilator. As the foliation removes the dead cells that are present on your skin, it can prevent ingrown hairs after epilation.

You have to position the epilator at a 90° angle to your skin while you are epilating. You do not have to press the device with some pressure on your skin. You can just hold the device against your skin and move the device in the direction of the hair growth.

Many women incorrectly assume that moving the epilator opposite to the direction of the hair growth can remove the hair from its roots. But it is not the case. Moving an epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth can cut your hair from the top skin level. But to pluck the hair from its roots, you have to move in the direction of the hair growth.

Some important Points to be remembered for epilation

It is best to use an epilator at night. It is because some people with sensitive skin may experience redness and skin irritation after hair removal. So epilating at night can give enough time for your skin to get back to its normal condition.

Always start epilating with a lower speed setting. Gradually increase the speed setting according to your convenience.

While epilating, you should be patient enough to move the device slowly across your body to get a smooth finish. If you move too quickly on your skin, you may leave hairs behind.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin after epilation to reduce irritation and inflammation. Only use a moisturizer or a cream and do not use coconut oil, as it can clog your pores.

It is very important to maintain the self-care devices hygienic and clean. So clean your epilator after each use to reduce the risk of a skin infection. Remove any hair that is stuck in between this of the epilator and use an alcohol liquid to clean the device.

Benefits of using an epilator

All the epilators can give you silky smooth skin for more than about two weeks, the only drawback of this process is the pain. 

But it is worth the effort, as you can achieve hair-free skin and can save a lot of money from waxing in salons.

  • Smoother skin longer

It is one of the major benefits of using an epilator to remove unwanted hair. Using an epilator you’ll get smoother skin that may last as long as up to four weeks depending upon your hair thickness.

There are many other unwanted hair removal techniques present in the market like shaving, depilatory cream, and tweezing. 

But in these methods, they remove the hair from the top layer of the skin. So you can experience hair growth immediately after 2-3 days. Unlike these methods, an epilator removes the hair from its roots. So it takes more time for your hair to grow back.

  • Remorse fine and short hair

You can remove even very short hair that is about 0.5 mm using an epilator. But in the case of waxing, the wax processes the hair against the skin. So the hair doesn’t lift from the roots while waxing. The minimum hair length that is required in waxing is 2 mm.

  • Sparse hair over time

As the epilator removes the hair from its roots, the hair follicle becomes weaker over time. This results in less and thinner body hair every time.

The hair even regrows at a slower rate in this process. The more you epilate, the less hair you will notice on your body.

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Is it safe to use an epilator?

Epilator to Remove Unwanted Hair
Epilator to Remove Unwanted Hair

It is one of the major concerns among women whether it is safe to use an epilator or not.

Using an epilator to remove unwanted hair on your skin is generally a safe way. But we cannot deny the fact that it is painful. But the pain is mostly bearable and the pain is worth the results.

Do not move the epilator too fast on your skin. As it breaks the unwanted hair rather than pulling it out from the roads. The broken and shorter hair may become ingrown and infected by the bacteria causing a skin infection.

Can we use an epilator for facial hair?

All epilators are not recommended for facial hair. After the skin on the face is sensitive, it is not recommended to use an epilator that is used to remove the hair on your body.

There are special kinds of epilators that are designed to remove facial hair. These are safe to use and do not cause any skin irritation while using.

How to choose the best epilator?

  • Electric spring epilator 

The early models of the epilators are made out of a spring coil that twists to grab the hair. These are out of date and are less durable. 

  • Rotating disc epilator

In this type of epilator, multiple rotating smaller springs are used to pluck the hair from its roots from multiple directions. But these have the potential risk of breaking the hair from the top of the skin as they have more moving parts.

  • Tweezer style epilators

These are the latest technology epilators that use tiny tweezer-like plates to grab the hair and remove them from its roots. It is best to buy the latest model as it has more features.

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