Energy Conservation Hacks : 11 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Electric Bill!

Energy is been remain a critical and important topic to discuss. Saving energy is not just meant to the reduction in costs but also meant to help the save environment or reduce environmental impact by consuming less power. If you consume less power you reduce the number of toxic fumes released by power plants however consuming the Earth’s Natural resources contributes the way to a healthier and cleaner world.

Energy Conservation Hacks : 11 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Electric Bill!
Energy Conservation Hacks : 11 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Electric Bill!

By building the alternative we are hoping to reduce the energy. Using Solar Alternatives, and ensuring that the electrical appliances are completely turned off. The intention should be to avoid the wastage of electricity as much as you can.  Taking smaller steps and choosing the right alternatives can reduce your electricity wastage. In this article, I will provide some useful advice which will reduce your costs of electricity or your electricity bills.

  1. Adjust your daily things– you may not need to go outside and buy energy-efficient products. Simply you can just switch off the unnecessary lights and turn off the appliances when you do not need them. You can use alternatives like energy-intensive appliances less by doing your household tasks manually such as, washing clothes with your hand or using hang drying for your clothes instead of using a dryer, washing dishes with your hands, and much more. The daily behavior adjustments that have the highest potential for utility savings are turning down the heat on your thermostat in the winter and using your air conditioner less in the summer. Heating and cooling costs reduction is nearly half of an average home’s utility bills. So this small consumption of electricity can offer you less electricity bills.

  2. Light Bulbs– the incandescent light bulbs consume an excessive amount of electricity and must be replaced with their energy-efficient alternatives. Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) can use anywhere and it consumes 25-80% less electricity and last 3 to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs. These light bulbs are more expensive, you can use their efficient energy that costs less, and offer a longer lifetime run. The Energy saving light bulb produced the same amount of light at 13-18 watts whereas the traditional bulb uses 60 watts, so by using this alternative you can save up to $60 over the lifetime of the bulb.

  3. Use Smart Power Tips– the electricity used by the electronics when they are turned off or called Phantom loads is a major source of energy waste. It uses 75% of the energy used to power household electronics and is consumed when they are switched off, which can cost you up to $200 per year. Use advanced power strips that eliminate the phantom loads by shutting off the power when they are not in use. The smart power strips can be set to turn off by assigning a time when to turn off the appliances during the time of inactivity.

  4. Water heating– reduce your water heating expense, the water heating is a major source in contributing to the total energy consumption. You can use a number of ways to reduce the water heating expenses. At first, you can use less hot water, turn down the thermostat on your water heater, or insulate your water heater and the first six feet of hot and cold water pipes. If you are thinking to change the water heater to an energy-efficient model then you will have to keep in mind the following two factors, tankless water heaters are energy-efficient, but they are also a poor choice for larger families as they cannot handle multiple and continuous uses of hot water. Efficient water heaters can be anywhere between 8% – 300% and are more energy-efficient than a conventional storage water heater.

  5. HVAC System– you should upgrade your HVAC System, Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning are designed to achieve the environmental requirements by using various technologies to control the room temperature, and humidity and provide thermal comfort. Upgrading to a U.S. South ENERGY STAR certification can save up to 12% on your heating bill, or an average of $36 per year. ENERGY STAR is labeled with the standard ENERGY STAR logo and is up to 16% more energy-efficient. This reduces to average savings of $94 per year on your heating bill. Upgrade to the HVAC system helps you to improve your energy efficiency, if you do not upgrade your ventilation, it is composed of ducts, and if it is not maintained properly then it would add hundreds of dollars to your bills. Proper insulation and maintenance of your ventilation can reduce the costs of electricity by up to 20%.

  6. Wash your clothes in cold water– washing clothes is a major part of your daily routines, it is energy wasting especially if you are using hot water. You can use the cold water while washing it has good benefits. You can save more than $50 a year by reducing the temperature of washing water byn15 degrees. In a survey, it is told that washing clothes in cold water can increase the lifespan of your clothes without damaging heat.

  7. Use Microwave instead of Stove- reheating food is also a part of your daily routines, and also an energy-wasting process. According to the reports, the microwave is more energy-efficient than a stove. The stove loses more energy, A microwave while using a lot of electricity, uses relatively short bursts of power for small amounts of time meanwhile if you want to reheat or cook a small amount of food in the microwave can save up to 80% of your energy.

  8. Use Natural Lights– in the morning to evening you can use the natural light Sunlight and it is the best way to reduce the electricity bills on Lights. If you have north and south-side facing windows in your house then it will be more glancing light produces heat and light. While the east and west-facing windows allow more direct sunlight they aren’t as effective at letting heat in.

  9. Using smart enable Wi-Fi system– in the twenty-first century, there are various smart energy meters available in the market, which not only measures the energy consumption of your house but also analyze the energy consumption in real-time. This system can even warn you if the usage of the appliances is more or which appliance is using more electricity.

  10. Go for energy-efficient products– you know, the higher the energy efficiency rating, the lower the power consumption meanwhile efficiency is inversely proportional to the power. Anyway, a 1.5-ton 5-star AC consumes around 800 units per year whereas a 3-star rating of an AC is consuming 975 units at the same capacity, same goes for the products like refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and many others.

11. Alternate Power Source- you can switch to an alternative power source like Solar Power, which is a bit expensive but consumes less electricity, install solar panels on your rooftop and use electricity by using the solar power, not with the electricity. There are outdoor solar lights, fans, or a small solar system that can do the same job at fewer costs. You know, you can Salso go for the smart devices meanwhile smart lights can be set on to turn on automatically at sunset, and off at sunrise.

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Some other tips which will help in the reduction of energy and choosing the energy-saving electrical equipment.

  1. Check for the Energy star, Eco label, and the TCO labels for any IT equipment
  2. The smaller products usually consume less energy than the bigger ones of the same type.
  3. Laptops use about one-sixth of the energy of a desktop computer while using.
  4. When you are buying a product or new appliance, check the energy rating label and then think about what size of appliance you need the most.
  5. The energy labels rates product from A-G, in terms of energy use, the scale leads to A is the more efficient and G being the least efficient.

You can also buy refurbished items, there are some stores that sell refurbished items. By buying these items you can help in –

  1. reducing electronic waste,
  2. saving energy and the raw materials,
  3. helping to sustain and create local jobs,
  4. And also help the recycling and reusing of the products.

Save energy during the winter-

  1. Install windows that keep heat in
  2. Reduce the energy you used heating water
  3. You can install a programmable thermostat to eliminate wasteful heating
  4. Upgrade your HVAC system to meet the proper ENERGY STAR certifications requirements
  5. Adjust your behavior to reduce the heat during the winter

Save energy during the Summer-

  1. Insulate your home properly to not let cooler air go away.
  2. Install windows to retain air condition air
  3. Install a programmable thermostat that will cool your home fast and properly
  4. Replace your air filters regularly to reduce energy consumption in warmer months.
  5. Adjust your behavior to use the air conditioner less.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the advice and tips on how to reduce the electricity bills or simply says, advice on energy consumption and encourage the usage of natural power or energy-efficient products. Choose wisely!

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