Elon Musk aims to build Starships akin to Noah’s Ark to transport life to Mars

Technology: This has been a constant top topic in the world about Mars exploration, yeah!! Making life multi-planetary is really a tough task to do, considering the Earth’s technologies, scientists and engineers are continuously trying to become the dream real. Isn’t it your dream to live on Mars? Like how will be the life there? What type of technologies will be used to terrify Planet Mars right?

Elon Musk aims to build Starships akin to Noah's Ark to transport life to Mars
Elon Musk aims to build Starships akin to Noah’s Ark to transport life to Mars

Well, our Tesla CEO Elon Musk is trying to build an advanced technology that can become a reality one day which we have dreamt of. Musk is trying to send humans to Mars but no fixed plan has been announced.

Elon Musk said that his space venture SpaceX aims to build 1000+ starships to transport life to Mars. He also said that making life multi-planetary will help reserve the ecosystem.

He also said that no other species can transport life to Mars other than Homosapiens (humans). He further refers to the Biblical Noah’s Ark that survived in a great global flood on Earth, Starships model will be based on the modern Noah’s Ark that can save a life from a calamity on Earth.

He said that making life multi-planetary expands the scope & scale of consciousness. It helps us to preserve the biosphere and protect all life on Earth.

“Humanity is life’s steward, as no other species can transport life to Mars. We can’t let them down,”

SpaceX is developing 1000+ starships to take people on Mars and Cargo to the Moon. The starships consist of two stages- the first stage booster is super heavy and an upper stage booster is a starship. Both are designed to be completely reusable and will be powered by SpaceX’s new raptor engine- 33 for super heavy and 6 for starships.

This is been a very interesting research topic for the public that DSE (deep space exploration) and mars settlement will reduce the costs due to reusability. 

Furthermore, the starships program has not been given the green single yet by the US FAA (federal aviation administration) but it has already been considered by NASA as an asset, but waiting for the green signal to achieve the millions of heights.

SpaceX has conducted high-altitude flight tests of starship prototypes in Texas. It is planned to launch the system’s first-ever orbital test, mission needs approval from FAA.

You’re definitely thinking about Noah’s Ark right? Well, let me little bit brief you about it.

It is believed that Noah made an Ark which was instructed by God and made for the preservation of human life. Noah’s Ark is based on old Mesopotamian models. If the flood came then only Noah and the people on the Ark will survive.  The global flood that allegedly happened in history and it destroyed all life. It is said that Noah’s ark was made on Mount Ararat.

Well, there is no scientific evidence that proves Noah’s ark existence as described in the bible, and no physical evidence ever found of the global flood.

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