Effective Natural Home Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles

Why do wrinkles form? Natural remedies to reducing wrinkles

Wrinkles are the fine lines that are formed on the skin. These are especially noticeable around the eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck. 

Effective Natural Home Remedies to  Reduce Wrinkles
Effective Natural Home Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles

Causes of Wrinkles

These are naturally formed on the skin as a part of the aging process.

Skin loses its elasticity and collagen production slows down as we grow older.

Collagen is a protein that is one of the main building blocks for our bones, skin, hair, muscles, etc. Hence, collagen production keeps our skin looking plump, and firm and prevents sagging.

However, premature aging is commonly found in many individuals. Many factors are responsible for it. Some of them are exposure to UV rays, Age, Smoking, genetics, etc. Let’s have a look at each of these in detail.

Factors responsible for wrinkles


When you get old, your skin loses its elasticity and gets fragile. The fats present underneath the skin and the oil production also decrease as you grow older. 

So, the skin loses its firmness and loosens and sags. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are formed in your skin.

Exposure to sunlight or Ultraviolet light

Our skin is made up of connective tissues. Collagen and elastin fibers form up the connective tissues. 

When our skin is exposed to the sunlight, the ultraviolet rays (UV) present in the sunlight damage the connective tissue present under your skin.

If the connective tissue gets weakened, our skin loses firmness and flexibility. Hence skin starts to sag and show wrinkles. Thus, we can say that UV rays speed up the aging process.


Studies have shown that smoking also damages the collagen tissue present under the skin. Hence smoking can also accelerate the aging process and results in the formation of wrinkles.

Remedies to reduce wrinkles

Limit exposure to the sunlight

As the UV light present in the sunlight speeds up the aging process, minimize the exposure to sunlight as far as possible.

Morning and evening sunlight is good for health. It provides Vitamin D to your body. But, afternoon sunlight is not good for your body. At this time, the sun is at the top, and the temperature increases. It emits more UV radiation in the afternoon. So, do not expose yourself to the sun during the afternoon.

Also, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen whenever you go outdoors to minimize the exposure of your skin to the sun. It’s recommended to apply that sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. 

Try to wear a full sleeve dress or a hat or a scarf to reduce sun exposure.

Avoid smoking

We all know that smoking is not at all good for your health. It will damage your health and also damage your skin. 

You can see a lot of difference in your health and skin texture if you quit smoking.

Moisturize your skin well

Wrinkles are more likely to form in people having dry skin. Skin feels dry when there are no essential oils that are produced in its glands. 

And the harsh surrounding temperatures also cause water loss from the skin. 

Moisturizing helps in locking the water in your skin and helps to stay free from dryness. Hence slows down the process of aging and the formation of wrinkles.

Stay hydrated

It is well known that drinking water keeps your skin fresh and healthy.

Water is an important component in carrying out many functions in our body. Similarly, water can also help in maintaining skin health.

Drinking sufficient water helps you to stay hydrated and boosts the skin’s elasticity. And, also water helps prevent the drying up of the skin. It’s recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

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Healthy diet

Eating fresh and nutritious foods helps you to maintain health. Diet is a lot related to skin health. 

Studies have shown that people who eat more processed food, sugar, and red meat tend to have more facial wrinkles than people who include more fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

Certain vitamins and nutrients can help in maintaining skin health.

Foods that you can include in your diet to improve skin condition are fruits and vegetables, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, green leafy vegetables, green tea, fish, avocados, etc 

Flax seeds and sunflower seeds have high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and Biotin. These can help in maintaining good physiology of the skin.

Facial exercises

Repeating certain facial movements can speed up the formation of wrinkles in those areas. 

And, as you grow older, the skin firmness reduces, and due to its weight being pulled down by gravity and wrinkles are also formed as a result of this.

So, facial exercises help you in relieving the pressure in a particular direction and the evening out of your skin.

There are a lot of apps and videos available on YouTube to learn facial exercises. You can do so by following those.

But you have to be very careful while choosing the right kind of facial exercises for your face. Because the wrong exercises can create pressure in the opposite direction and can create fine lines.

So, consult a practitioner nearby or online to get to know the right kind of exercises that you have to perform to reduce wrinkles.

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Massaging can make you feel very relaxed. This can also treat some of the wrinkles and fine lines present on your skin. 

Massaging creates pressure on the skin and the oils used in massaging can help in rejuvenating the skin’s elasticity.

But this can not give one-time results. Although it’s soothing, it doesn’t give results in one go.

But, you can see some results if you perform it regularly on your face.


If you are worried about the wrinkles on your face and body, then you can consult a doctor and take their help.

Doctors usually prescribe retinoids. Retinoids, also called retinol, are derived from Vitamin A. 

Retinol increases the production of collagen and helps in skin cell regeneration.

There are different creams and gels which contain retinol to reduce wrinkles.

But, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using. A dermatologist monitors your skin type and prescribes the medicine and creams according to your medical conditions.

Final Word

Although aging is a natural process, some people are facing premature aging. So, the above shown are some of the lifestyle changes which you can make a part of your daily lifestyle to reduce and reverse the process of aging.

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