Edupayala Temple – History, Significance & Modes Of Transport

Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple Medak, Telangana

Edupulapaya Vana Durga Bhavani temple was built in the 12th century. It is one of the powerful pilgrim destinations in this region that is dedicated to the goddess Kanaka Durga. 

Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple Medak, Telangana
Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani temple Medak, Telangana

Idupulapaya Temple is located in the middle of the lush green forest and natural stone formulations inside a den. The region Idupulapaya is formed under the confluences of seven rivers into the Manjeera river. Hence this temple is named Idupulapaya temple where Idu means 7 and Payalu means streams.

About 30 lakh devotees come to worship goddess Kanaka Durga in the Idupulapaya temple every year, not only from Telangana state but also from other neighboring states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc.

History of idupulapaya temple

Maharaja Parikshit, the grandson of the great Warrior Arjun of Mahabharat, performed Sarpa Yagya to get rid of his curse. To perform the Yagya, Maharaja Parikshit needed snakes while The Garuda, the eagle, was transporting the snakes to him. 

While Garuda was transporting the snakes, their blood was spilled at seven different spots and the places where the blood spilled became streams. It is known that recently while constructing a bridge, a layer of ash was found below the manjeera river bed.

Celebrations at Idupulapaya Temple

Idupulapaya Temple celebrates a famous Jatra, which is a three-day festival celebrated during the Shivaratri month of February. It is estimated that around 5 lakh devotees come to visit the Idupulapaya Vanga Durga Bhavani temple during the Jatara.

In the rainy season, the river water flows and reaches the foot of the Goddess Kanaka Durga. Thousands of devotees come to this temple to watch this stunning event.

Modes of transport to Idupulapaya temple

You have to first reach Medak to reach Edupayala Temple. The distance between Medak and Edupayala temple is about 19.5 km. 

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is about 146 km from Medak. From there, you can catch any bus or taxi to travel to Idupulapaya temple. 

Medak does not have any railway stations. So you can travel to any city nearby Medak and travel through a bus or cab to reach the destination. 

There are many buses to travel to Medak from Hyderabad. Buses are available in all important towns and cities to reach Medak.

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