Domakonda Fort of Kamareddy, History & Significance

Our country is very rich in history, traditions and culture. The story of kings and queens is famous worldwide. They built many beautiful and amazing sculptures, forts, and many other things and leave that for us to talk about. 

So, let’s talk about one of those forts, Domakonda Fort which is located in Domakonda village of Kamareddy district of Telangana. It was rebuilt during the time of the 18th century with the granite rocks from which they made the fort walls. And mainly used as a defense in the time of war. The Kamareddy rulers of Domakonda built the fort over where a fort existed earlier.  

Domakonda Fort of Kamareddy
Domakonda Fort of Kamareddy

This fort is also called Gadi Domakonda or Killa Domakonda as it houses an opulent mahal inside and is popularly called Addhala Meda which means Glasshouse. The fort has a wonderful structure from the inside and is considered one of the most beautiful forts in Telangana. The fort is also called the Gadi Domakonda or Killa Domakonda. And the architecture of the fort portrays both Hindu and Muslim styles. Furthermore, the fort has two palaces with a temple and also has a pond full of lotus. The Fort also has a Shiva temple built by the Kakatiya rulers.

The ground floor of the fort has arched pillars with complex artwork which are influenced by Mughal architecture. Though, the first floor has round pillars with a flat ceiling, which shows Western architecture. The paintings in the windows and the wooden architecture over there are very attractive.

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Additionally, there are many temples inside the fort, including Mahakali Temple and Lord Shiva Temple which were constructed by Kakatiya rulers. The temple is beautifully carved Nandi outside the temple. The Shiva temple has 18 pillars which are a build-up of carved stone.

In the fort, the oldest surviving structure is the Shivalaya, Or Mahadev Temple. That is expectedly believed to build from the Kakatiyan period and is located to the east of the fort. This 750 to the 800-year-old temple was restored in 2006 with the help of the Department of Archaeology, Government of Telangana. 

Let’s go back into the history of Domakonda Fort, the researchers said that, the fort was initially constructed by the Rashtrakutas in the middle of the 10th century and since then many dynasties taking control of it over the years. By the early 13th century, the fort came under the Kakatiya rulers and was under their control until the 17th century.

Later then, the Domakonda Fort was then transferred to the Kamineni royal dynasty. It also observes that there is no historical evidence to show that there was a battle between Kamineni and Kakatiyas. Later The fort was taken over by the Nizam, with the Kamineni as a sub-ruler. 

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