Do You know the Success story of Indian Successful Business Man Tycoon Ratan Tata

TATA, TATA, TATA…A well-founded name in the business, there’s hardly anyone who might not know about the legend who took the TATA business to the level where it is right now and that is none other than Mr. Ratan tata, a well-respected name not only in the business but among the people for his ideology, passion, and perseverance, it is because of this, he lives in everyone’s heart and the house now. Well, the name is a pretty familiar but do you know the story behind his success. Today, we will be exploring that story and let us see if we can pull a few insights out of it and apply it to real life.

Indian industrialist, Ratan Tata celebrated his 85th birthday on December 28 carrying an immense amount of experience with him. He joined the tata group in 1962 with his first job on a shop floor of Telco (new TATA motors) and it wasn’t late much when he acquired the top positions with his ability and became the chairman of the TATA industries in 1981 and became the JRD’s successor. His work brought boon for the company and it is his presence that the revenue generation at his time crossed $100 billion USD. One may be wondering how all this happened.

Tycoon Ratan Tata

Let’s start our story now.

This started in 90’s when the company launched TATA indica which went flop in the market and did not get the good enough response as Ratan tata expected. With the ever-increasing losses, the time came when they had to sell the car business for whom he approached was American car manufacturer Ford motors. On hearing this decision, Bill ford who was the chairman of ford mators made a fun of him and said, “why did you even the started this domain when you knows nothing about it”, well, on taking up this division of tata, I’m doing a great favour on you and the company. This hurted Ratan tata and decided to not to sell it and postponed.

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And this is after 9 years then in 2008 when the company dominated the car industry on a global level, and that was the time when Ford was in a big loss and now it was time for the return of Bill ford favour which he talking about long back. Tata chairman Ratan tata offered to buy his two car brands: Jaguar and Land rover and even for this, He had not gone to US to do so, it was them who had to come to Mumbai to make the deal. This is what passion feels like, and now Ratan tata is one of the richest Indian owning a net worth of 3800 cr.

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