Do you Know the most famous Tragic Story Behind the Ghost Town

Did you amaze by hearing about the ghost town? tons of questions are mumbling in your mind about why it is called the Ghost town and what is the real story behind this name. let’s start reading about the tragic story behind the ghost town. the town is located in the south-eastern end of amban Island or called Rameswaram, Dhanush Kodi which was abandoned after the cyclonic storm hits in 1964. Only a few pieces are left of this town.

Dhanush Kodi was once a very beautiful and thriving town situated between the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on another side. The town was fulfilled with all the basic amenities including beautiful houses, temples, churches, schools, a railway station, and a post office, even more things were there. It was the house of thousands of people residing in a particular area and this was known for being one of the best fishing belts in the country. Also, it was the only land border between 2 countries, India and Sri Lanka which serve as a major port for various pilgrims and traders. The temple and the church were the most famous in the town that was visited by many devotees which made it the preferred tourist spot.

Ghost Town

The town was fulfilled with locals, and tourists but now it is left empty completely after the big cyclone hits the town in 1964 and the entire town was left in ruins. The Cyclone rolled across the entire town of Dhanush Kodi with high winds of 170mph and the entire town was ruined and turned into pieces of dust like this is right now. Reportedly, almost 1800 people lost their lives and all the houses were dusted into the ground. Then the Madras government announced the town is not fit for human habitation.

The town is located at a remote location and that tragic past lends it ghostly vibes because the seen of that cyclone and how it ruined the entire was something horrible to see since then this town is been referred to as Ghost town.

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But after more than 50 years of that horrible tragic incident, the town is coming alive again as a tourist attraction slowly. Its serenity and peace, azure sea, soft white sand, and ruins along its sandy shoreline fascinate the incoming travelers. Even though still, the ruined temples and churches are present there and anyone can see the ruins of a temple, railway station, church, and homes of the then inhabitants.

Ghost Town

Let’s talk about its mythological connection. Most of the people believe that everything has a connection to something, well that might be true or might not. In the case of mythology that praise might be true, as this town has a connection to ancient legends and stories of Ramayana. Yes, as per the mythology, Dhanush Kodi was the spot where lord Rama and his monkey Army had constructed the Ram Setu bridge to rescue his wife Sita and after rescuing his wife, Lord Ram destroyed that bridge with the bows and arrows on the request of Vibhishan hence since then the area got its name Dhanush Kodi which means the end of the bow.

How to visit there? Well, there is no direct connectivity to the town, you need to reach Rameswaram which is approximately 12 miles from the town of Dhanush Kodi. To reach Rameswaram anyone can take the routes of train or Air. Rameswaram is well connected to trains from the stations like Trichy, Chennai, Thanjavur, and Coimbatore. Else, you can take a flight to Madurai, which is approximately 3.5 hour drive away from Rameshwaram.

Ghost Town

From Rameswaram, one can take a bus from Dhanush Kodi to Moonram Chathiram. From there, you need to again take the tempo that will reach you to Dhanush Kodi.

This is to be noted that entry after 5 pm is not allowed. No cafes, restrooms, or hotels in Dhanushkodi. The entire tour to and from Dhanushkodi can be covered within 2 hours.

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