Do You Know ? Coffee Helps to lose Weight


In India, some people are tea lovers and some are coffee lovers. Are you one of the coffee lovers who like to start the day by having a cup of coffee? Having a cup of tea/coffee at sunset time sometimes all you need to relax the mind. Well, do you also know that coffee can reduce your weight too? Coffee contains caffeine and has some powerful nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, niacin, and antioxidants that improve your metabolism activity. Let’s read how coffee help in weight loss.

  1. Makes for a good pre-workout drink- it depends on what you consume before or after your workout, as it is necessary for fat reduction. Coffee is an excellent source of energy boosters and fuel for your workout. If you drink coffee 30 minutes before the workout it leads to faster fat loss or reduction.
  2. Helps suppress your appetite- what fat reduction says, is to burn more calories than you take in. Even consume fewer carbs and eat a moderate amount of food and stop eating junk food. Drinking coffee is one of the ways to lose fat. Well, it is scientifically proven that caffeine consumption during the day lowers energy intake and promotes gastric emptying.
  3. Boosts your metabolism- weight gain and weight loss all depend on how your metabolism rate is. Coffee is one of the great sources to boost your metabolism rate, and also there are other ways to boost your metabolism. Caffeine works to balance the BMI and speeds up the metabolism rate.
  4. Filled with antioxidants- more than enough amount of caffeine might be bad for us. But one thing is for sure that coffee contains antioxidants. And, antioxidants help crush free radicals, which are responsible for making fat, it regenerates the new cells as well as control the vital functioning. Polyphenols are found present in caffeine which is weight-loss friendly.

Now the question is, how should we take coffee for weight loss, and in what way? Below I am mentioning some of the ways to consume coffee drinks for weight loss.

  1. Drink with water: Coffee is diuretic in nature, by consuming it with water will keep you filled throughout the entire day and prevent the bingeing temptation.
  2. A pre-workout drink- having a cup of coffee 30 minutes before a workout will increase the heat and boosts the energy of your body, which will help in burning fat and calorie content.
  3. Avoid milk, cream, and sugar- you need to drink a cup of plain coffee that has only two calories. However, if you add cream or sugar to the coffee, will increase the calories and lead to weight gain.
  4. Resist and reduce- Drinking coffee will reduce your appetite and you will not be hungry much. However, drinking it first in the morning will lead you to skip breakfast. Hence, it will make you crave food at irregular timing, and you will start losing weight.
  5. Try healthy half-caff: Even a little coffee can last longer, while excess consumption of coffee causes insomnia and stress even you will get a dark circle due to insomnia and stress. Try switching to half-caff, as it will allow you to drink coffee safely in a day.
  6. Space out caffeine time- Extend your daily intake timings to gain the full weight-loss benefits of coffee. It will give you an extra boost during exercise and reduce your cravings.

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