Complete Details of Edithanur Cave, Kondapur

The Edithanur Caves are located in the Edithanur village in the Medak district, Telangana. The Edithanur Caves is a beautiful destination for lovers of art and painting. The caves are rich with Neolithic age paintings. The paintings found in the caves beautifully depicted the lives of men and women in the Neolithic age between the years 2300 BC to 900 BC. We can also find the shrine of the Mother Goddess from the Medieval era.

Some of the paintings depict the lifestyle of the Neolithic era as that of the hunting scene of the prehistoric era. The painting depicts two huge bulls surrounded by men engaged in a hunt. The hunters have been depicted as stick figures attacking the bull with spears and javelins. However, the animal present in the painting is unknown and there is a debate among some scholars. Some say the animal is a baby elephant and some say that it indeed is the bull.  

The paintings are mostly represented with few strokes and lines representing the closely resembling things. One such painting represents a set of wavy lines and a circle. The painting could be mostly a fish in the water or a Mother Goddess. The intriguing element added by the paintings is the enhancing charm of the place.

Edithanur Cave, Kondapur

Apart from the paintings, one can also find a sequence of natural caves and cavities present here. These structures are scattered throughout Edithanur and are a great place to be explored. These precious paintings are preserved in Archeological Museum in Kondapur. Another interesting area in Edithanur is the Siddhula Gutta. It is carved out in a niche in the hills surrounding the area. Historians say that the cave has been inhabited by holy men, alchemists, and healers also known as Siddhas once upon a time. Edithanur is a place of historical significance. Many more caves lie undiscovered in Edithanur even today. The caves and structures have been buried under the ground all these years due to climatic changes.

Kondapur Edithanur Cave Location:

Kondapur Edithanur cave is located at a distance of 1 Km from Sangaredddy Town, Telangana State

How to Reach Kondapur Edithanur Cave:

The nearest railway station to reach Edithanur is Zaheerabad. From Zaheerabad, one can opt for public transport to travel the distance of 57 km to reach Sangareddy. Zaheerabad has good road connectivity with Hyderabad.  Frequent buses are there from Hyderabad to Zaheerabad. One can catch these buses every 40 minutes.

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Where to stay:

Sangareddy town has some good basic accommodation facilities to provide to its visitors. Alternatively, one can also choose to stay at Hyderabad or Medak Town and reach this place. Kondapur, being close to Hyderabad, it also gives an option of staying at Hyderabad. Budget-friendly hotels are available in Medak. Some of the budgeted hotels available at Medak are Anjagoud Hotels, Green Corner Hotel, and Manama Hotel.

The Archaeological museum Kondapur is at a distance of 63 km from Hyderabad.

And, the museum is at a distance of 1km from Sangareddy. Kondapur is at a distance of 68 km from Medak. 

Edithanur Cave / Museum Timings:

The museum allows visitors from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on all days, Friday is a holiday for the museum.

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