Complete Details of Devarakonda Fort

Devarakonda Fort is located in Devarakonda town in Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India. Devarakonda is the Mandal Headquarters of the Nalgonda district. The Devarakonda village is home to one of the most astonishing forts that can be found in Telangana. 

The village attracts many tourists from many parts of the county all over the year. Once upon a time, the fort was glorious in the village. But, all over the years, due to negligence, most parts of the fort have deteriorated.

Devarakonda Fort was a prominent fortified defensive structure of the rulers of the Recherla Velama dynasty. They were the prominent rulers of Telangana after Kakatiyas. 

For people who love to explore the ancient rich structures, Devarakonda Fort must be present on your bucket list. A visit to this spectacular fort can provide you with a historical trance of the fort unveiling the great tales of bravery, struggles, and of triumphs of its rulers. 

On the premises of the fort, one can find Rama and Shiva’s temples constructed by Maada Naidu in the olden times. These temples depict the spirituality and purity of their traditions. The people visiting the fort would also be mesmerized by nature as the premises have lush greenery and a little pond.

Devarakonda Fort

History of Devarakonda Fort

Devarakonda fort was constructed in the 13th – 14th century. The Devarakonda fort was established and ruled by the kingdom of Padma Nayaka Veluma Rajas between 1278 to 1482 AD. 

Later, the Devarakonda fort was conquered by Maada Naidu, a prodigy and a brave warrior. He belonged to the eight kings of the Padma Nayaka rulers. During Maada Naidu’s rule, the fort has become a well-established center of cultural heritage and several temples were built. 

Maada Naidu was the main person who made many brilliant changes to attribute to the fort. Amongst the many changes of the fort, is the astonishing way stairs will take you to Patala Ganga which is situated in Srisailam. 

After Maada Naidu, the flourishing Devarakonda Kingdom went into the hands of Maada Naidu’s son, Pedha Vedagiri Naidu. Vedagiri Naidu was also a brave king who established his throne around 26 years. Vedagiri Naidu has been proficient in adding extra charm to the kingdom.

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Some additional features of the Devarakonda Fort

Devarakonda fort is famous for its architectural brilliance. The fort is surrounded by seven hills with great rocks, boulders, and jungles. The fort built over a hilltop is surrounded by large walls with curved bastions. 

The fort ramparts were built with artillery and cannon points for defense in those days. The fort was equipped with many granaries in those days. There are temples of Lord Rama and Lord Shiva inside the fort. Also, there is a small lake that provided a water source to the residents of the fort. 

Modes of Transportation

Devarakonda is at a distance of 117 km from Hyderabad on Nagarjuna Sagar road. Tourists need to take a small diversion from Kondalpahad to reach the fort. It takes about 3 hours to reach this place by road. 

From Nalgonda town, Devarakonda is at a distance of one hour. There are frequent buses from Nalgonda to Devarakonda every 20 minutes. Tourists can also buy some antiques and arts and crafts sold here and some local farm produce

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