ChaySam Divorce: Ram Gopal Varma’s sensational tweets go viral

Earlier today, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha put an end to the much prolonged divorce saga and announced that they are parting ways. The couple have announced that they have decided not to continue their marriage so forth. They released a joint statement on social media to announce separation. “After much deliberation and thought, Sam and I have decided to part ways as husband and wife to pursue our own paths. We are fortunate to have a friendship of over a decade that was the very core of our relationship which we believe will always hold a special bond between us,” Naga Chaitanya wrote on his official social media handles. Even Samantha posted an identical note on social media.

Now, controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is making a meal out of the Chay Sam divorce saga and he is coming up with a series of controversial tweets that are aimed at the Akkineni couple who have decided to call it quits in regard to their marital life. As expected Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets are going viral on social media now.

“Not Marriages, Divorces should be celebrated..Marriage is death and Divorce is rebirth. Marriage is British Rule ..Divorce is independence..Marriage is Hitler creating war ..Divorce is Gandhiji winning freedom … Jai #GandhiJayanti,” Varma tweeted.

“Marriage is a disease ..Divorce is the cure.” Varma added, “DIVORCE should be more celebrated than MARRIAGE because in marriage , u don’t know what u are getting into, whereas in divorce u are getting out of what u have gotten into. MARRIAGES are made in HELL and DIVORCES are made in HEAVEN. Most marriages don’t last more than even the no. of days they celebrate the event ,and so real Sangeeth should happen at a DIVORCE event where all divorced men and women can sing and dance.”

About the same, Nagarjuna tweeted “With a heavy heart let me say this! what ever happened between Sam and Chay is very unfortunate. What happens between a wife and husband is very personal. Sam and Chay both are dear to me. My family will always cherish the moments spent with sam and she will always be dear to us! May God bless them both with strength.”

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