ChaySam Divorce: Kangana Ranaut fires on Naga Chaitanya

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is one of the outspoken actresses in Indian cinema. She doesn’t mince words while speaking against whom she believes are at fault. The actress has now opened up about the sensational divorce of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. Interestingly enough, Kangana has fired on Naga Chaitanya and said he is the one at fault. Needless to say, she has very little understanding of what went wrong between the couple, given the fact that it is a highly private matter, but she passed her verdict on the same.

“Whenever divorce happens fault is always of the man. “I may sound orthodox or too judgmental but this is how God has made man and woman, their nature and dynamics. Primitively scientifically he is a hunter and she is a nurturer. Stop being kind to these brats who change women like clothes and then claim to be their best friends. Yes out of hundreds yes one woman can be wrong but that’s the ratio. Shame on these brats who get encouragement from the media and fans. They hail them and judge the woman. Divorce culture is growing like never before.” Kangana wrote on Instagram.

“This South actor who suddenly divorced his wife was married for 4 years and in a relationship with her for more than a decade, recently came in contact with a Bollywood superstar who is also known as Bollywood divorce expert, has ruined many women and children’s lives is now his guiding light. So, it all went smoothly. This is not a blind item. We all know who I am talking about,” Kangana added.

Kangana’s personal remarks on Naga Chaitanya are now going viral on social media. While a few are agreeing with Kangana’s comments many are criticizing her for speaking about the sensitive divorce topic involving Chaitanya and Samantha. Reacting to a topic is one thing, but passing derogatory remarks on a person soon after he/she announces divorce is another. Sensitive topics like these cant be generalized just to pass verdicts, netizens are reacting to Kangana Ranaut’s social media post. Chay and Sam announced divorce on the 2nd of October.

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