6 Amazing Health Benefits of Wearing a Silver ring!

Health Benefits of Wearing a Silver ring- chandi ki anguthi

As a metal, silver can have significant health benefits to our body and has been used by the people in India for centuries.

Here in this article let us know some of the amazing health benefits that silver and process to us if we wear it.

chandi ki anguthi - Health Benefits of Wearing a Silver ring
chandi ki anguthi – Health Benefits of Wearing a Silver ring

Regulates Body Temperature

Silver helps in regulating the body temperature thereby maintaining proper blood circulation in our body. Many people have observed improvements in their energy levels and balanced moods after wearing a silver ring.

Protects from Bacterial Infections

Silver has antimicrobial properties and is used in medical treatment and sterilization. Our ancestors have stated that silver can fight against the cold and flu causing viruses and bacteria from entering the body. 

The positively charged Silver ions bind with the negatively charged oxygen receptor in bacteria. This is how silver fights against harmful bacteria and viruses protecting us from infections and diseases. This is why manufacturers are using silver in making medical equipment and tools.

Indicates the nature of our body

Silver indicates the toxic substances present in our bodies. Silver changes its color when it encounters chemicals present in our body, also called toxins.

For example, if your silver ring turns blue after wearing it for a long time, it means there are increased levels of sodium in your body. So you have to cut down your daily intake of Salt in your foods.

Knowing the amazing health benefits of silver, some people wear silver lining gloves on their hands while working on a laptop to prevent the electrical fields from entering the body.

Silver in designing clothes

Silver is being adopted by fashion designers nowadays for having the stunning look in outfits. Silver adds a glittery shine to the outfit making it look so grand for any occasion. Apart from the look, you can also enjoy the health benefits of silver daily by wearing these outfits.

Silver for Well-being

The positively charged silver ions create a constructive field that reflects the electromagnetic radiation away from the body. This stimulates our body’s natural conductivity, improving blood circulation. The improved blood circulation results in balanced body temperature and general well-being.

Silver to reduce joint pains

Studies have shown that wearing silver rings help reduce pain in addition to preventing hyperextension in finger joints. Wearing a silver ring also helps in restoring stability and motions in the inflamed joints. Silver rings also help to prevent anxiety and maintain mental stability in this fast-paced world.

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