Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh About RRR Movie

Hyderabad: Bollywood Stars & celebrities were not coming out openly speaking about RRR movie and this could be because of some odd reasons they are mainting silence. Probably Ranveer Singh is the first Bollywood star to come out and comment about RRR post release while Salman & Amir praised RRR during initial promotions.However, no one really spoke about the film after its release, for reasons best known to themselves.

“I am certainly thrilled about RRR. The film is doing so very well across the globe. I am hearing that RRR is outdoing several mainstream Hollywood films in the international market and that speaks volumes about the reception the film is receiving from the global audiences. The film is making us all proud.” Ranveer Singh said in the interview.

Adding further, Ranveer said he really admires Rajamouli’s work. “Rajamouli is a master storyteller. The way he narrates and presents his stories is truly mindblowing. He is an asset to the entire Indian film industry. We all love him very much up North. He is an exceptionally talented filmmaker. My best wishes to the RRR unit and everyone who is associated with the project.”

Ranveer Singh’s word of praise on RRR is catching the attention of the pan India audience now and rightly so. People are appreciating Ranveer Singh for coming forwards and heaping praise on RRR while his contemporaries in Bollywood are staying away from the film for unknown reasons. His comments on RRR are going viral all across social media now. It remains to be seen if other Bollywood stars will also come forwards and support RRR now.

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