Bimbisara Teaser: Kalyan Ram’s larger than life tale

Hyderabad : It is known that Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is playing demonic king Bimbisara in his upcoming Telugu Cinema, Bimbisara. He is acting in the film and also producing it on a lavish scale.

A short while ago, the teaser of Bimbisara was unveiled and it looks aesthetically pleasing. The first thing that catches the attention in the teaser is the grandeur.

The lavish sets and the fitting atmospherics work pretty well in the teaser and it appears to be that Kalyan Ram is presenting a larger than life tale on a grand scale.

Kalyan Ram is seen in dual avatar in the teaser and he nails both these looks. He looks particularly good as the demonic good. He has the right demeanor for the role.

Needless to say, Bimbisara is the costliest film in Kalyan Ram’s career. The film appears to have the canvas that it takes to make for a big ticket film.

The periodic actioner is directed by debutante Vasisht. Kalyan Ram plays the titular role in the film. The theatrical release date will be announced soon.

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